China hiding facts about 2nd Corona wave: accuses Chinese human rights activists

Beijing: History is being repeated in Wuhan, the city of origin of the Coronavirus pandemic. Dead bodies of Coronavirus patients are once again lying unclaimed on the streets of Wuhan. While, the civilian settlements and buildings are being sealed with steel panels, the citizens are grappled with extreme fear. There is a complete blackout in some of the buildings and Jennifer Zeng, a human rights activist, accused that China is once again hiding the details regarding the situation in Wuhan.

The city of Wuhan, the origin of the Coronavirus pandemic, has been hit by the second wave of Coronavirus pandemic and the Chinese government has started screening the citizens all over again. The Chinese government has claimed that it has completed screening 200,000 people so far. But it has been reported that the people of Wuhan are resisting to take the tests. The fear in the people of Wuhan is that the tests will infect them with Coronavirus. Whereas, incidents of the Chinese security agencies forcibly bringing people for the tests have also been reported. While all this is happening, disturbing videos of the situation in Wuhan, have been posted on the social media.

One of the videos shows a person collapsing, while walking on the road in Wuhan. The person dies immediately after he collapsed on the road. The video shows locals claiming that the person died of Coronavirus. People avoided going near the dead body due to the fear of Coronavirus infection. The security agency personnel, clad with PPE kits later picked up the dead body and imposed movement restrictions in the concerned area. Videos showing similar incidents and of dead bodies scattered on the roads in Wuhan had been posted even in the months of January and February. Therefore, human rights activists and writer, Jennifer Zeng has claimed that history is being repeated in Wuhan, in the matter of two months.

Buildings and civilian settlements, in Wuhan, have been sealed with steel panels, just like January and February. It is claimed that this action was initiated, as there were a large number of Coronavirus cases being reported from Wuhan. It was exposed that 180 positive cases were found in one area at one time. Zeng published a video showing the building sealed with steel panels. As per some of the locals the situation is far grimmer than this. Zeng said that as per locals the local security agencies and administration have become harsher in their actions.

Zeng, while speaking to a news agency, earlier, had said that some of the buildings in the Wuhan are completely Blacked out and the people living there have mysteriously disappeared. Zeng alleged that China has hidden information regarding Wuhan in the past and is doing the same again. At the same time, reports of arrest of one more journalist carrying out live recording in Wuhan are being received. This is the fourth incidence of a journalist being arrested for broadcasting the news live in violation of the Chinese government laws. Therefore, China is apparently, once again, hiding the information regarding the second wave of Coronavirus, in Wuhan.

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