Russian submarine despatched to Syria  

Moscow: – ‘Rostov-On-Don’, the Russian submarine equipped with cruise missiles has been despatched to Syria. This submarine had played a vital role in the action against the IS. Therefore, the western media are expressing a possibility that the submarine has been despatched for actions in Syria.  


As per the information reported by a Russian news agency, the submarine ‘Rostov-On-Don’ has entered the Gulf of Bosphorus, on Monday. Therefore, this submarine will enter Syrian waters in the next few days and will dock at the Tartus port. Russia has its base at Tartus, in Syria, and it is claimed that at least 13 Russian warships are deployed there. The ‘Rostov-On-Don’ submarine is capable of underwater speeds of up to 20 nautical miles and can stay submerged for 45 days.  

The Russian defence ministry has not revealed any information regarding the deployment of this submarine. But the deployment of ‘Rostov-On-Don’ submarine in the Tartus port is a significant decision by Russia. In 2015, this submarine had launched dreadful missile attacks on the locations of the terrorist organisation IS, in Aleppo, Homs and Hama provinces in Syria. The terrorists had suffered immense losses in these attacks.  

Meanwhile, as per the cooperation agreement signed between Russia and Syria, the Assad government has given the Tartus port to Russia, on a lease, for 49 years. Russian super-advanced warships and submarines are deployed in this port. Two submarines, Krasnodar and Stary Oskol, like the ‘Rostov-On-Don’ are already deployed in the Tartus port. 

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