Consequences of attack on Syria will be devastating

Moscow: “The joint attack on Syria by the United States, UK and France is an act of war. Such an attack breaks rules of the United Nations and the consequences of this will be devastating.”, said Vladimir Putin expressing his disapproval of the same. The chemical attack, which the United States used as a reason to carry out this attack was a hoax, criticised Putin. The consequences of this attack by the US and other nations will be grave, Putin has claimed.

US, UK and France attacked Syria before the case enquiry of the Douma attack had even been completed, and this attack was not approved by the Security Council of the United Nations. So, these attacks prove to be against the law and cannot be tolerated, claimed the Russian President. This isn’t the first time US carried out such an attack. It had also used its force to attack and destroy Yugoslavia in past. Due to this attack, the Syrian refugees will flee in large numbers and occupy other areas, indicated the Russian President.

This indication proves to be a point of great concern. Prior to this, the bloodshed that was carried out in Syria by the ‘ISIS’ was put to halt, as Russia and the US, both attacked the ‘IS’ and its bases; this had caused a lot of collateral damage. The Syrians sought refuge in Europe, which created another set of problems.

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