Russian self-destructing drone, capable of dodging the air defence systems, ready for deployment

Moscow: Russia, who has been demonstrating its weapon strength over the last one year, has unveiled the Kamikaze drone. The Russian agencies have claimed these drones capable of bypassing enemy air defence system to be self-destructing. These self-destructing drones manufactured by the renowned rifle manufacturer Kalashnikov, will soon be deployed in the Russian military.

russia-kamakazi-droneRussia revealed the Kalashnikov drones, to the world, for the first time, at the IDEX-2019 trade show in Dubai. The drone named ‘KUB’, has flying time of 30 minutes. The drone can carry an explosive payload of 3 kgs at a speed of 130 KMPH. The drone can blow itself on landing or crashing into the target. Therefore, the Russian military analysts have claimed these drones to be accurate, effective and a challenge to the air defence systems.

As per the Kalashnikov, the KUB drone will be helpful to target the enemy hiding in a dense forest. The drone has passed the low and high altitude flying tests. Therefore, the company officials claimed that their drones can dodge the air defence systems, while travelling through the mountain ranges and have also published a video of an attack.

For many decades, there is a big demand around the world, for the AK-47 rifles developed by the Kalashnikov company. There is no difference in the demand despite major changes made to the rifle. This lightweight, easy to use, cheap and easy to repair rifle is used by the militaries of many countries to even the terrorist organisations. Therefore, there is a possibility of a big demand for these drones manufactured by the Kalashnikov company. There was a lot of talk regarding these drones in the Dubai exhibition itself.

Meanwhile, the Israeli military too, like the Russian military, has the Harop self-destructing drones. A few days ago, Israel signed an agreement with India for sale of these drones. India will be purchasing 15 Harop drones from Israel.

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