Russian navy indicates of expansion in the Arctic, Mediterranean and Atlantic Marine Regions

Moscow: Against the backdrop of tensions developed with the western countries along with the US on issues concerning Ukraine & Syria, Russia has begun stressing on beefing up its preparedness in defense. There are signs of this strategy being followed through this year as well. The Russian navy is going to adopt an increasingly aggressive strategy and is preparing to increase its traffic in the Arctic Ocean, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea Regions. For this purpose, the navy will be incorporating new destroyers and submarines along with fighter planes, helicopters and drones informed Russian officials. Foreign media and analysts are claiming that these ongoing activities being carried out by Russia are a part of its preparedness for war.

Russian navy indicates of expansion in the Arctic, Mediterranean and Atlantic Marine Regions

The ‘Northern Fleet’ commander, Vice Admiral Nikolai Evmenov informed that in the forthcoming year, the armoury base of ‘Northern Fleet’, which is a part of the Russian Navy would be increasingly operational in the areas of the global seas. The Russian naval soldiers and officials have begun preparations in view of long term campaigns in the Arctic Ocean, Atlantic marine region and the Mediterranean Sea.

The ‘Northern Fleet’, considered to be the foundation of the Russian Navy, is responsible for the Arctic ocean, the Atlantic marine region, Barents sea and the Mediterranean Sea Region. This armoury incorporates more than 35 warships and 40-plus submarines. The Russian aircraft carrier, ‘Admiral Kuznetsov’ is responsible for the ‘Northern Fleet’ and is currently operational in the Mediterranean Sea Region.

Russian navy indicates of expansion in the Arctic, Mediterranean and Atlantic Marine Regions

Against the backdrop of the tensions developed with the western countries in the last few years, Russia has begun transforming the face of its defense forces. The Russian President, Vladimir Putin has taken an initiative for this purpose and has devised an ambitious plan to complete the modernization of the country’s defense forces. Therefore, the  development of ultramodern arms along with fighter planes, helicopters, warships and submarines has been emphasized.

Only a few months back, the Russian Defense department  has begun preparations for the construction of a new ‘Coastal Defense Division’. It is being said that the scope of the increased marine activities in the year 2017, is in view of this preparation. Also, the large fuel reserves in the Arctic marine region are also considered to be the main motive behind Russia’s extensive marine activities.

Russia has begun increasing its naval scope in the Arctic region along with making the Airforce base operational. In the next four years, four runways will be constructed in the Arctic. Sources have informed that apart from this, the  construction of two independent ‘Polar Stations’ is also in progress.

Russia has given indications to incorporate fighter planes, helicopters and drones in large numbers into the navy to increase the scope of marine campaigns. The Chief of Russia’s ‘Naval Aviation’ Department, Major General Igor Kozhin has informed that nearly 100 new aircrafts and helicopters are being purchased for the navy. This includes the ‘MiG-29K’ and ‘MiG-29KUB’ fighter jets and ‘Ka-52K’ combat helicopters.