Russian President Putin ‘the largest threat for Britain since cold war’, warns head of British army

London: The British army chief of the general staff, Nicholas Carter has warned ‘don’t be delusional that Russia is thousands of miles away, as Russia is right at the doorstep of Europe and is the biggest threat for Britain since the cold war.’ Carter also mentioned the huge military strength of Russia and warned that Vladimir Putin can start a war at any time. To match the Russian might, Britain will have to increase the military spending by 7 billion pounds per year is his advice.

PutinOver the last few years, the US and the European leaders along with military officers, analysts and experts have been warning about the Russian threat. The British army chief of the general staff, has taken this stand with straight and aggressive statement and has clarified that it is time to start preparing against Russia. He has said that our current state is comparable to the one at the time of the first world war in 1914.

The Chief of staff of British army said that the war is inevitable with the words ‘The current generation has chosen war among the choices available. But there is no option available to us in case of the war against Russia. We must consider the advice of Trotsky, aide of the Russian leader Lenin, that even of you deny war, the war will not spare you.’ He also targeted Russian President Vladimir Putin.

General Sir Carter also warned that Putin will start the offensive even before the western countries could predict. At the same time, he also expressed fear that Russia is capable of starting a war for any unexpected reasons. He alleged that Russia has used the Syrian conflict to make its defence forces war-prepared. He drew attention to the fact that Russia had carried out missile attacks from about one thousand five hundred kilometres.

There were indications of cut in the British defence spending in the last few months and National Security Advisor Mark Sedwill surveyed the defence capabilities. He advised reduction in defence spending in all the three British defence forces. There was widespread resentment about this in the defence circles and to everyone’s surprise the chief of general staff has come out in the open to oppose it.

The Prime minister’s office has claimed that they have made a provision of 36 billion pounds for the country to be able to face any threat arising from any country. But the British opposition parties and the ex-army officers have expressed the need to take chief of staff’s statements seriously and take urgent note of the Russian threat.

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