Trump criticises Obama over the release of ‘Guantanamo Bay’ prisoners

Washington, January 04 (News Agency) – As the last decision during his tenure, President Obama has commenced preparations for the release of 19 terrorists from Guantanamo Bay prison. However, the President-elect Donald trump has raised objection to this decision of Obama. ‘Prisoners from Guantanamo should not be released. They are extremely dangerous terrorists and should not be set free to stage another war’, raged Trump. 

Obama-TrumpEver since he took over the reins of the US, President Barack Obama had begun release of captives from Guantanamo prison. In past 8 years, Obama has released 198 prisoners, while only 59 are left at present. Last month, President Obama had pleaded with the US Congress for the closure of the said prison. However, since the US Congress overruled Obama’s plea, Obama took the decision of the release of the captives of this prison.  

Obama administration has decided to transfer 19 of the remaining prisoners in the Guantanamo prison before Trump comes to power. However, the decision as to which Arabian-Gulf or African nations these prisoners would be transferred to, is still pending. International Human Rights organisation ‘Amnesty International’ has also requested Obama for the release of all prisoners before January 20.  

Donald Trump however strongly criticized this decision of President Obama over social media. Trump expressed his reservations about this decision stating in clear words as, ‘Not a single prisoner should be released henceforth from the Guantanamo prison’. Moreover, releasing these terrorists is same as allowing them to carry out their terrorist activities, without any restrictions whatsoever, commented Trump.

However, President Obama is firm over the release of the prisoners. The US Defense Headquarters ‘Pentagon’ also has indicated clearly that they will not give any importance to the comments of the President-elect. ‘There is only one President of the US and we shall carry out actions as ordered by the President’, declared Pentagon Press Secretary, Peter Cook.  

Post the 9/11 terror attacks on the US, the then ruling Bush administration had arrested nearly 780 terrorists from Iraq, Afghanistan and other nations associated with Al Qaeda, Taliban and other affiliated outfits and imprisoned them in Guantanamo Bay prison. It was claimed that a few out of these were suspects. The world came to know about the atrocities inflicted on the inmates of this prison, only after a US journalist made the information public. This revelation caused quite a furor across the world. Later, demands for closure of the said prison started gaining strength.  

President Bush, before leaving the office, had released nearly 500 prisoners. Barack Obama, while contending for the Presidential elections, had indicated that the prison would be closed down either by releasing these prisoners or transferring them to other nations.  

Meanwhile, Trump, during his election campaign a few months back, had stated that the Guantanamo Bay prison would once again be filled with terrorists if he becomes President. 

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