Russia claims to have deployed S-400 in Libya

Tripoli: Russia, who supports the Haftar rebels in the Libyan civil war, is said to have deployed S-400 missile system in Libya. The Libyan press has published photographs of the Russian missile system. It is being claimed that this deployment is against the rule of Sarraj government in Turkey and Libya. Meanwhile, Turkey has accused that the French deployment in Libya and the patrol of German warship is illegal.

Russia claims to have deployed S-400 in LibyaFive days ago, a photo was published on social media about the Libyan conflict. In this, it can be seen that the missile system and radar system has been deployed in Ras Lanuf in East if Libya. Moreover, the analysts claim that this can either be S-300 or S-400 Surface to Air Missile System. The Cheese Board radar accompanies this missile system as well. This radar is being deployed along with S-400. Thus, it is claimed that Russia has put out its advanced system in Libya.

Russia claims to have deployed S-400 in LibyaMoreover, it is said that Russia has deployed this missile system to protect Wagner mercenaries, i.e. contractual soldiers alongside the Haftar rebels. As per the claims, the fleet of 21 vehicles of Russian contractual soldiers has left for Sirte from Jufra. Thus, Russia has deployed this system to protect the fleet, say US analysts. Moreover, the analysts also say that this Russian deployment is against the Turkish TB2 drones.

Before this, Russia has already deployed Pantsir air defence system to counter mid-range missile systems. Both these deployments in Libya are said to be a warning to Turkey. A few weeks ago, Egypt’s Rafale jets had destroyed the Turkish air defence system in a battle in Libya. Following this, Turkey had indicated to deploy the S-400 systems purchased from Russia in Libya. But before that, Russia only deployed this system and posed an ultimatum to Turkey, says the US analyst.

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