The rebirth of Elwha river after a century

After a hundred years, the Elwha river that flowed through the state of Washington in the USA has been witnessed with the salmon fish, along with other marine life. Recently, the river has seen an increase not only in fish, but also in other aquatic animals. The reason for this augmentation amongst the fish and other animals is due to the removal of the large scale dam, Glines Canyon, in August 2014; the largest dam that stood 210 feet tall in the entire American history.Elwha river

The dam was constructed on this river in 1927. Later on, this flowing river was obstructed. Since most of the water was let out in this river, the eco systems of the other rivers suffered tremendously. The river Elwha was nearly dead.

In 2011, America took the decision of breaking down the older dams. Thus, the destruction of Glines Canyon began. The aquatic life was regenerated in this river after 2 years when the dam was taken down. The association of fishermen are welcoming the increase in the count of fish due to the removal of the dam. Lately, we can come across fish like Coho Salmon, Chinook, Bull Trout, Stale Head and Chum Salmon. There has also been a rise in the number of birds because of the vivid species that have been discovered in the river. These birds have now found a new home for themselves.

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