US company eager to supply India with armed drones useful in coastal security

New Delhi/Washington : A leading US corporate manufacturing unmanned armed aircrafts (drones) is in the process of setting up its office in Delhi. India is planning to buy unmanned aircrafts (drones). Against this background the company has expressed confidence that opening an office in the Indian capital will accelerate the process of supplying drones to India.

US company eager to supply India with armed drones coastal security

Indo US ties are strengthening in the fields of both business and defense. In this environment considering India’s defense needs several companies throughout the world are seeking business opportunities. US companies are no longer behind in this quest to supply defense equipment to India. In the interim, an American company ‘General Atomic Aeronautical Systems’ (GA-ASI) has come forward to supply drone aircrafts to India. For this ‘GA-ASI’ is preparing to start an office in India.

India, the highest importer of defense equipment worldwide, has provided opportunities to many multinational corporations to establish their industrial projects in India through it’s ‘Make in India’ campaign. Through such projects, India is pushing to meet its defense requirements.

This campaign will be helpful to many renowned companies in the field of defense to start their manufacturing facilities in India, thereby creating new business opportunities. Many renowned companies throughout the world have given a positive response to this campaign. Now ‘GA-ASI’ company has shown its eagerness to set up its manufacturing facilities in India.

India is working on multiple fronts to strengthen its defense capability. As a part of this, to strengthen its maritime security, Indian Navy has initiated the concept of ‘maritime domain awareness’. This concept was approved after the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. Pakistani terrorists had caused bloodshed in Mumbai by coming through the sea route. After this incident India is giving greater importance to maritime security. India has already started purchasing ‘P8I’ aircrafts for coastal surveillance. In addition, India is considering supplying drones to the Indian navy for coastal surveillance. Against this background, Linden Blue, CEO of General Atomic Aeronautical Systems(GA-ASI) has indicated the company’s plans to supply drones for the Indian navy. ‘GA-ASI’ manufactures unmanned aircrafts, radars, and other related equipment.

Mr Linden Blue has indicated that to expand operations in India, the company is planning to set up an office in Delhi by the year end.

Globally all countries are taking special efforts to secure their coastal borders. Looking at the attempts of many countries to claim and increase their dominance in the seas, India has also started taking steps to enhance its coastal security. China’s efforts to increase its dominance in the Indian Ocean have become evident. As a part of this effort China’s submarines have been spotted moving around in the maritime zones near the Andaman-Nicobar Island.

Apart from this, the possibility of terrorists taking the sea route to stage a future attack cannot be ignored. Considering this, for coastal surveillance as well as to attack if required, capable unmanned aircrafts (drones) can prove useful. Against this background India can purchase modern drones. By supplying drones, the US company is trying to explore a business opportunity to enter India.

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