Donald Trump’s victory shakes the ‘New World Order’

Washington: Donald Trump’s victory who campaigned with the slogan ‘Make America Great again’ is believed to have shocked the establishment governing the ‘New International System’. Analysts and media claim that Donald Trump’s threat to cancel the ‘NAFTA’ and ‘Trans-Pacific Partnership’ international trade agreements, warnings regarding ‘NATO’, his aggressive stand towards refugees and his offensive against countries like Iran and China are a blow to the ‘International System’.

After Donald Trump‘s victory, the articles that were published in the mainstream media, were trying to portray how Trumps’ views are against the objectives adopted by the US so far. The US which is currently recognized as the sole superpower at an international level, had tried to maintain its supremacy through various mediums like war, trade and defence deals, its policies on refugees and human rights. However, Trump is determined to change many current policies on various issues.

Donald-TrumpMr. Trump had proclaimed to completely cancel the ‘NAFTA’ and ‘Trans-Pacific Partnership’ international trade agreements. During his election campaign, Trump had said that both these agreements are disastrous to the US economy and are destroying employment opportunities for the US. The ‘Trans-Pacific Partnership’ includes 12 countries from the Asia-Pasific region and Latin America along with the US. The future of this deal which has been known to keep a check on China is believed to be uncertain.

‘NAFTA’ which includes America, Canada and Mexico has been into effect since 22 years. But it has been alleged to have been causing major trade losses to and to have lost a staggering 700 thousand jobs in the US. This deal is also said to be responsible for the increase in the number of Mexican immigrants in the US. Along with the treaty, Trump has also taken a stand against the Mexican immigrants and has made the decision to build a ‘wall’ across the ‘US-Mexican’ border.

During his campaign, Trump had warned to ‘ban the entry’ of immigrants of the Islamic religion from the Middle East and other countries into the US. Denial to immigrants and refugees of specific religions is against the American value of ‘Inclusion of All’ adopted so far.

Meanwhile, Trump has indicated cutting-off financial help being offered to NATO along with other countries like South Korea and Japan. The threat that the US will no longer take the burden of the defence expenses for the European countries of NATO, has made NATO extremely uncomfortable. Trump’s stand on increasing closeness with Russia and signs of trade war with China who was brought close for trade relations, are bound to rock the established American system.

It is said that a certain specific groups or corporate ‘lobbies’ are behind the important decisions being taken by the leadership governing the US. It’s been alleged many times in the past that these groups for their vested interests or benefit enforce trade deals or cause conflicts. It is also been alleged that these groups are using the American power and supremacy to establish the ‘New world order’ to hand over the reigns of power of the world to a handful of rich people. But at the present moment it appears that Trump’s policy is limited to ‘glorifying’ the US and has no interest in maintaining the world supremacy. Therefore, the media sources and analysts are saying that an establishment like the ‘New World Order’ has been shaken due to Trump’s election

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