US makes the most lethal nuclear bomb of 50 thousand tons

US makes the most lethal nuclear bomb of 50 thousand tonsWashington : A nuclear bomb that can be launched with accuracy from a stealth fighter plane has been successfully developed by American scientists. This nuclear bomb is more dangerous than the current nuclear arsenal and missiles that USA possesses, claim military experts. Retired US military officials have also expressed the possibility that US President Barack Obama could make use of this nuclear bomb. 

‘Boeing’ the company famous for manufacturing of civilian airplanes, has developed this ‘B61-12’ nuclear bomb. Experts in the US claim that this nuclear bomb can serve more than one purpose. Based on ‘‘Guided technology’, this nuclear bomb can carry a maximum of 50 thousand tons of fissile material. This can cause a dreadful destruction. 

At the same time, given the scope and demand of the conflict, this bomb can also carry limited fissile material of 300 tons which instead of collateral damage can achieve precise results, say the US military experts. This nuclear bomb can be deployed on the stealth planes present in the United States Air Force which can make this nuclear bomb most dangerous, warn the experts. 

Former Commander of the ‘United States Strategic Command’ General James Cartwright had given an interview to a US news channels about the ‘B61-12’. In the interview he said that the US Department of Defense has weapons like the ‘B61-12’ and if a conflict flares up, the US President will definitely make use of this nuclear bomb.  But there are some military officials in US who have doubts on the use of this bomb.

According to the information released by National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), the US President Barack Obama has given his consent for the development of ‘B61-12’. NNSA also claimed that this nuclear bomb has cleared all the tests and by the year 2020 the US defense forces will have adequate stock of it. 

US President, Obama had previously announced reduction in the number of US nuclear warheads. For this reason, a few years back the USA had signed the START Treaty with Russia. The world had welcomed this move of the US. But now President Obama has permitted for the development of ‘B61-12’ and also permitted its up-gradation with a budget of US$1 trillion. 

Meanwhile, with the go-ahead to manufacturing of the ‘B61-12′ , the demand for this bomb from the US defense forces is reported to be on the rise. A famous magazine in Germany has reported that the US is moving towards deploying this bomb at its military base in Germany. The US is seen to have increased its efforts to upgrade its nuclear arsenal at the military bases located across Europe.

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