Russia willing to mediate in Iran & Gulf countries

Saudi Foreign Minister

Riyadh – The foreign minister of Saudi Arabia, Mr. Adel Al-Jubeir made an announcement today that Russia is willing to play the role of a mediator between Iran and the other Gulf countries. He further added that this would help to ease the escalated discord between the Gulf countries. Mr. Adel Al –Jubeir clarified that Russia’s offer to assist does not necessarily mean that Saudi Arabia is interested in establishing congenial relations with Iran. In the course of last week, Saudi Arabia has indicated that Russia could play an important role to facilitate the end of terrorism in the Gulf countries.

In the recent past an important summit of all the member countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) was held. The foreign minister of Russia, Mr.Sergey Lavrov and the foreign minister of Saudi Arabia met at this event. At the end of the meeting Mr. Adel Al-Jubeir informed that a detailed discussion on issues pertaining to Iran was carried on during the meet. He further reiterated that there is an escalating misunderstanding between Iran and the other GCC countries that have been supporting Saudi Arabia since many years. Russia has shown a keen interest to put in efforts to settle this ongoing conflict.

Russia-Mediate-iran-saudi_AFPSaudi Arabia has welcomed this step taken by Russia, but at the same time, is also clear that it is not willing to have affable relations with Iran. Mr. Al-Jubeir expressed displeasure about Iran’s  growing involvement with the GCC member countries and strongly recorded Saudi Arabia ‘s firm disapproval on this matter. During an interview with the News Channel – Al Arabia, Mr.Adel Al-Jubeir pointed out that Iran is providing continuous  support to Hizhabul and Haithi rebels in Lebanon and Yemen respectively, he further said that Saudi Arabia is aggravated about the  support given to these terriost  organisations  by Iran. The ‘Al Arabia’ publication in Saudi has also covered news on this matter.

Relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia have deteriorated over the last few months. Saudi Arabia has expressed its regret over the nuclear deal signed between Iran and US and this fact has also been noted by US. Saudi Arabia made a severe remark  on this deal , it said that by signing this deed, US has backstabbed Saudi Arabia.

In the of month of January a religious leader of the Shia community was executed in Saudi Arabia, which resulted in a serious outrage in Iran. Serious implications of this violence were seen on the embassy of Saudi Arabia. A group of people had ruthlessly damaged some parts of the embassy. It was after this incident that Saudi Arabia  shut down its embassy in Iran . Saudi Arabia severed ties with Iran and called back its ambassador and then this act of Saudi Arabia was followed by other GCC member countries too.

Owing to the escalation of tensions Saudi Arabia has accepted Russia’s offer to mediate, as it would help to settle the existing and emerging discord in Gulf. This offer also indicates the growing friendship between Saudi Arabia and Russia. It was just last week that the foreign minister of Saudi Arabia appreciated the anti terrorist strikes carried out in Syria by Russia.

Further Mr. Adel Al-Jubeir stated that not only in the case of Syria, but Russia should take the same anti terrorism stand for other gulf countries too. Saudi Arabia is expecting great cooperation from Russia, as it gets ready to face the other challenges in the region. Saudi Arabia has also given a stern reaction to US on the passing of the 9/11 bill against it. At the same time Saudi has not accepted US’s compromise on the Iran nuclear programme.

Saudi Arabia’s increasing proximity with Russia and its distancing from US is an indication of the change, in the direction of the winds in the gulf region. By expressing its willingness to play the role of a mediator , Russia has taken a strong step to establish itself in the gulf.

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