Construction of strategic highway from Rajouri to Kotranka Budhal in J&K completed

Srinagar: The Border Road Organisation (BRO) has completed the construction of a 60-km highway from Rajouri to Kotranka Budhal in Jammu & Kashmir. This highway passed through the Pir Panjal Hills.

Strategically important Rajouri-Kotranka road in J&K completedPir Panjal Hills connect the Kashmir Valley to Rajouri and Poonch. Rajouri is a district near the Line of Control (LoC), and the terrorists are consistently trying to set up their bases in the arduous Pir Panjal hills there. The importance of the new road increases against this background.

Border Road Task Force (BRTF), 110 RCC of the BRO, completed the work on the 60 kilometres Rajouri-Kotranka highway. Hundreds of villages like Dhaar, Sakri, Panjnada, Rehan, Swadi, and Kandi are connected to the Rajouri-Kotranka Budhal Highway. After the completion of the highway, the locals and small and big businessmen have started using the route.

Strategically important Rajouri-Kotranka road in J&K completedMany things get simplified with the construction of this new highway. The locals thanked the administration by saying that the route will make it easier for the traders in Rajouri to carry on their businesses, and medical facilities will also be accessible faster. Rajouri, being a rugged terrain, had no facilities available to reach the hospital if someone fell sick. The villagers expressed satisfaction saying that this worry is over with this new highway. The locals expressed confidence that this highway will be useful in day-to-day life.

Meanwhile, the terrorist movements have not reduced in the Pir Panjal hills region. A few days ago, Pakistan had landed an arm haul with a drone in this area. After that, the security forces have been alerted, and security was beefed up in the area. The Pakistan military also opens fire consistently on the LoC in Rajouri. In this scenario, the importance of the Rajouri-Kotranka Budhal Highway increases further.

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