Pakistan initiates heavy artillery firing at Jammu-Kashmir LoC after Indian army destroys its bunkers at Mendhar & Uri

Srinagar/Islamabad: The Pakistani army posts near the Mendhar and Uri sectors of Jammu-Kashmir (J&K) that were instigating action by firing at the Line of Control (LoC), have been destroyed by the Indian army. Following this, Pakistan has initiated long range heavy artillery firing at the LoC. According to reports, a meeting between high-ranking officials of the Army, intelligence agencies, CRPF and the J&K police force was held in view of the heightened tension.


loc, indian army, pakistan, uri, Pakistan has initiated long range heavy artillery firing in the Uri sector. It is being said that this is the first time in 15 years that Pakistan has tried to attack in this manner.

The Pakistani army has been continuously firing at the LoC for last seven days. India has been strongly retaliating to this attack. The retaliation by the Indian Army has completely destroyed some Pakistani army posts in the Mendhar and Uri sectors. Pakistan initiated the use of heavy artillery thereafter.

There are reports of the Indian army moving residents from villages near the LoC to safer places. While there is heightened tension at the LoC, the Indian Deputy High Commissioner in Islamabad, J. P. Singh, has been issued a summons by the Pakistan Foreign Ministry.

The Indian Deputy High Commissioner has been issued a summons five times in this month. Pakistan is trying to attract attention of the international community by making a fuss about the Indian army’s firing at the LoC in Jammu and Kashmir.

On Saturday, Pakistan had invited political representatives of six countries namely, the United States, the UK, France, China, Turkey and Indonesia to inspect the situation at the LoC. Pakistani army had informed that this was done to apprise these countries of the alleged Indian attacks.

A meeting of personnel from the Indian army, intelligence agencies, CRPF and high-ranking officials from the J&K police was held at Avantipura, against the background of the firing at the LoC.

Six soldiers were killed in the attack on the Sunjwan army base in the last week. Therefore, this meeting was convened to review the security situation at the LoC.

Meanwhile, it seems that Pakistan is increasing the firing at the LoC to facilitate terrorist infiltration. In the past few days, it is being constantly reported that there are hundreds of terrorists waiting in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir to enter India. Thus, it is clear that this is a deliberate and premeditated plot by Pakistan.

However, this plot is being foiled due to the alertness of the Indian army. It is also becoming clear that the Pakistani army is facing heavy losses due to the retaliation of the Indian army. If this information appears in the media, it can cause embarrassment to the Pakistan army. Therefore, Pakistan is making moves to raise the Kashmir issue directly at the international level, without involving the media.

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