Hafiz Saeed warns Pakistan government of countrywide protests if India’s Home Minister is welcomed

PakistanLahore : Hafiz Saeed the chief of the Jamat-ul-Dawa, has issued a warning to the government of Pakistan in a rally recently held in Lahore. He cautioned the government of Pakistan that if the Indian home minister was welcomed by them, then a nationwide protest would be carried out to oppose this decision. In the same rally Hizbul Mujahedeen’s Sayed Salauddin urged the government of Pakistan to sever all relations with India. 


Mr. Rajnath Singh, the Home Minister of India, is to visit Pakistan on the 4th of August to attend the SAARC nations summit of Home Ministers. This visit of the Indian Home Minister to Pakistan has distressed the leaders of all the terrorist groups in Pakistan. The mastermind behind the Mumbai terror attack Hafiz Saeed, has notified its government that the Indian Home Minister should not be allowed to attend the summit. Hafiz Saeed has protested that on one hand it is Pakistan that is fighting for the rights of the citizens of Jammu & Kashmir and on the other hand the government of Pakistan is welcoming the Indian Home Minister. This dual faced act of the government is hurting the sentiments of the people in Jammu & Kashmir. 

Hafiz SaeedHafiz Saeed in a rally held in Lahore, Saeed warned the government of Pakistan and said that if the Indian Home Minister is extended a welcome, then they may agitate on a national level against this decision. The rally would be held in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Kota, Multan, Faisalabad and Muzaffarabad and other cities. Sayed Salauddin also present in the same rally urged the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Nawaz Sharif, not to invite the Indian Home Minister to the summit. Sayed Salauddin further added that the Pakistan ambassador to India should be called back and Pakistan should break all political and business ties with India. 

Sayed Salauddin believed that it will be good if the Home Minister of India is not allowed to come to Pakistan, as this act would send a wrong message to the citizens of Jammu & Kashmir. The leadership in Pakistan should avoid such an ambiguous behaviour of showing solidarity with the people of Kashmir, and at the same time extending friendship gestures to the Indian government. He further stated that for the last 24 days there is deep unrest brewing in the valley of Kashmir. India should always be alert to this aspect whilst dealing with Kashmir. 

Home Minister will certainly be going for SAARC summit: Kiren Rijiju

The Union Minister of State for Home Affairs of India, Mr.Kiren Rijiju, made it clear that despite all threats of the terrorist leaders in Pakistan, the Indian Home minister would surely be attending the SAARC summit. Mr. Rijiju made it clear that the Indian Home Minister Mr. Rajnath Singh would be visiting Pakistan to only attend the SAARC summit and not to conduct any bilateral talks between the two countries. India is expected to attend the SAARC summit and it would surely fulfill that responsibility.

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