Defence Minister Rajnath Singh dedicates strategic BRO road in Sikkim to nation

Nathula: One more strategically important road, in the border states, has been opened. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, dedicated the road, built by the Border Road Organisation (BRO), in the state of Sikkim, to the nation. This will be an alternative route to National Highway (NH) 310 and prove vital is rapid movements of personnel and supplies in the border area.

Strategically important road in Sikkim dedicated to the nationThe government is focusing on the development of infrastructure in the border areas, taking cognisance of the looming Chinese threat. Before the Galwan Valley incident, Indian and Chinese soldiers were involved in a standoff on the Sikkim border for 73 days. After that, the infrastructure works were given a priority. The strategically important infrastructure projects in Sikkim are being completed rapidly. The BRO has completed one of the important roadsThe BRO has completed one of the important roads and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, who is on a visit to Sikkim, inaugurated the road, via videoconferencing. The function was held at the headquarters of the 33 Corps of the Indian Army.

This road has been built as an alternative for NH 310. This road is 19.85 kilometres long. It is claimed that the preparedness of the Army will become stronger with this road. Rajnath Singh praised the work carried out by the BRO. He said at this time that the work to make all the roads, in the border areas of Sikkim double laned has been started. The government is making efforts to develop infrastructure in the inaccessible regions. The Defence Minister said that along with defence preparedness, these efforts are being made for socio-economic development of the people from these regions. Rajnath Singh underlined that the government is paying special attention to the development of the far eastern states.

Prem Singh Taman said at this time ‘Tourism is the backbone of Sikkim. This road will provide an impetus to the development of the tourism industry. At the same time, it will also provide impetus to the Socio-Economic growth in the state.’ Meanwhile, road construction has been started at 61 inaccessible locations in Sikkim and BRO has undertaken road works of more than 3,000 kilometres.

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