Qatar’s Defence Minister alleges Saudi and UAE of plotting attack on Qatar

Washington: Saudi Arabia and UAE had made all plans to attack Qatar but Qatar busted their plot claims, Qatar’s Defence Minister Khalid bin Mohammad Al-Attiyah, Defence Minister Attiyah has made this claim in an interview given to a renowned US daily accusing Saudi and UAE to plot a conspiracy against Qatar.

qatar, saudi arabia, uaeWith the help of some of the gangs in the country, Saudi and UAE have tried to destabilize Qatar. Both the countries also attempted to create discontent using mosques in Qatar. They even planned get some puppets who tried to turn the Qatari people against their own government. But Qatar has completely defused the intentions of Saudi and UAE, said Defence Minister Khalid bin Mohammad Al-Attiyah.

Last week, Qatar’s Defence Minister had toured the United States. It is clear that ties between both the countries have strengthened in this meet. Qatar has taken this important decision to expand US air base in Qatar to 2040. Meanwhile, US Secretary of Defense strongly supported Qatar expressing disapproval over the anti-Qatar stance accepted by Saudi Arabia and its allies. Experts claim it to be Qatar’s political victory.Last year in the month of June, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and Bahrain had severed political ties with Qatar. Saudi and its allies had taken this move by criticizing Qatar of maintaining ties with a terrorist nation like Iran, thus accusing it of supporting terrorism, Saudi and its allies also demanded Qatar to shut ‘Al-Jazeera’ news channel which is said to be propagating against Gulf countries. These nations have also threatened to impose blockade on Qatar if these demands are not met. As Qatar denied bowing down to this pressure, Saudi had sealed the borders with Qatar, turning this threat into reality. Though Saudi was successful in cornering Qatar, Qatar responded to Saudi seeking co-operation from Iran and Turkey. Coming close to the heels of this help from Iran and Turkey, Qatar has put its step forward to improve ties with the United States. And it seems Qatar’s efforts have borne fruit. It appears that strategies of Saudi and its allies to confine Qatar have been foiled.

Against this background, Qatar’s Defence Minister, Khalid bin Mohammed Al Atiyyah has accused Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) of planning an attack on Qatar. He further added that though Qatar has busted this plot, threat from these countries has not completely averted yet.

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