Public discontent erupts in the Hubei province of China

Beijing: – Eruption of public discontent is rarely seen in China. However, it has been reported that the citizens from the Hubei province launched attacks on the police after the lockdown was lifted. China had imposed a lockdown in the Hubei province to contain the Coronavirus epidemic. Therefore, the citizens want to travel to other regions as the lockdown has been lifted. Hence, the citizens attacked the police, who tried to stop these movements.

The Hubei province in China was the epicentre of Coronavirus. The pandemic originated from the city of Wuhan in this province. After nearly a month of detecting the epidemic, China imposed a lockdown in the Hubei province. Videos of the Chinese police shutting entrances of some buildings with wooden planks had been published. Atrocities were showered even on people leaving their homes for essential work. Although China refuted these allegations, this had been reported in the western media. The repercussions were apparently felt after lifting the lockdown.

The videos related to these incidences clearly show barricades, built by then police, uprooted by the people. There was a chaotic situation on the bridge connecting the Hubei province with the neighbouring Jiangxi province. Police from the Jiangxi province were stopping people coming from the Hubei province, which was the epicentre of the pandemic. The Jiangxi police announced that only the people certified to be free from Coronavirus would be allowed entry into the Jiangxi province. But now, the Jiangxi police have withdrawn the announcement.

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