At UNGA, India strongly warns Turkey to not interfere in Kashmir issue

New York: – India issued a stern warning, ‘We are taking serious cognisance of the statements made by the Turkish President regarding Kashmir, an integral part of India. His utterances amount to interference in the internal Indian matters. India will not tolerate such acts. Turkey should learn to respect the sovereignty of other countries. At the same time, the Turkish government needs to rethink its own policies.’ This becomes the second tight slap across the face of Turkey delivered by India in the United Nations.   

The United Nations general assembly started in New York, and various heads of state are presenting their stands. On Tuesday, Turkish President mentioned Kashmir during his speech. Erdogan said, ‘Kashmir is a burning issue in South Asia, and it should be resolved within the framework of the United Nations regulations and respecting the aspirations of the people of Kashmir.’ India, while replying to the statement made by the Turkish President, reprimanded Turkey to rethink about its own policies.   

This is the second time that India has reprimanded Turkey for raising the Kashmir issue in a harsh language. Only last week, India had lambasted Turkey to refrain from commenting on the internal Indian matters during the conference of the UN Human Rights Council. India sarcastically advised Turkey to taken lessons in democratic systems and methods.   

The main reason for Turkey to raise the Kashmir issue repeatedly is its increasing closeness with Pakistan. Over the last few years, Pakistan has prioritised establishing economic, trade and military cooperation with Turkey. At the same time, the Pakistani leaders are appealing to the population of the country to follow the culture and dogmatism seen in Turkey. Turkey is also trying to show that it is assisting Pakistan by raising the Kashmir issue on international platforms regularly. But India has, every time, given a proper and fitting reply to Turkey and has delivered a clear message that Turkish interference in Indian matters will not be tolerated.   

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