Pakistan’s BAT attack on LoC, two Indians killed

New Delhi: The BAT unit of the Pakistan army launched an attack on the Line of Control in Poonch Sector, in Kashmir, killing two Indians, one of the victims was beheaded. The name of the victim is Mohammed Aslam and the Pakistani BAT has desecrated his body. Saying that no professional army unit from any country does involve in such monstrous acts, Indian Chief of military staff, General Naravane asserted that there would be a retaliation against this cowardly act of the Pakistan army.


Pakistan’s BAT attack on LoC, two Indians killedThe BAT team has members from the Pakistan military as well as terrorists. These units cross the Indian border and are waiting for an opportunity to attack the Indian army. Till now, cowardly acts of capturing Indian soldiers, killing them and desecrating their dead bodies were being carried out by these BAT teams. For the first time, the BAT team attacked a civilian and killed him. The BAT team attacked two porters working for the Indian military, Mohammed Aslam and Altaf Hussein. It is reported the both of them were killed in the attack. But the BAT perpetrated an inhuman act of beheading Mohammed Aslam’s body.

The Indian military has taken severe cognisance of this. Chief of Staff Naravane denounced the Pakistani act, saying that no professional army from any country perpetrates such kind of actions. At the same time, General Naravane warned that the Indian military would not stop short of strong retaliation. General Naravane had announced on Saturday itself, that the Indian military is ready to take over Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

Pok is the Indian parliament has passed an integral part of India and a resolution to that effect. General Naravane had indicated that the Indian military is in a state of readiness to acquire PoK saying that the Indian military will initiate actions to take over PoK as and when the parliament orders the military to move in. Strong reactions have been received from Pakistan over this and the Pakistan military threatened the Indian military of strong retaliation.

This reaction was more than expected from the Pakistan military. But it has been exposed that Pakistan has panicked, seeing the preparations of the Indian military. Therefore, the Pakistan Foreign Minister has started sending out letters complaining that India is preparing to attack PoK. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan too, during the public rallies, is speaking the language of retaliation against India and warning of a nuclear war. Even if Pakistan is projecting an aggressive stance, in reality, it has been exposed that the Pakistan military is under tremendous pressure. The Pakistan military had suffered huge losses in the previous attack launched by the Indian military at the Line of Control. But Pakistan has traditionally been hiding this information.

But now Pakistan is accusing India of deploying Brahmos missiles at the border. Pakistan’s restlessness has increased with the decision of the Indian military, to deploy 6 Apache helicopters along the Line of Control. Therefore, the Pakistan military seems to have resorted to issuing empty threats and carrying out these cowardly acts.

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