8 Pakistan jawans killed in an operation conducted by the Army beyond the LoC in Jammu-Kashmir

New Delhi: Crossing the line of control three days back, Pakistan’s Border Action Team (BAT), launched a cowardly attack which martyred a Major and three soldiers of the Indian Army. To avenge the attack, the Indian Army launched a massive counter attack. On Monday evening, a battalion of the Indian Army crossed the LoC and attacked the patrolling team of the Pakistan Army in the Rawalkot sector. Pakistan has confirmed the death of its three soldiers in the attack. Sources however state,  that in reality the figure is high  and eight Pakistan  soldiers atleast have been killed.


LoC-Jammu-KashmirFor the past four days Pakistan has been fiercely firing the LoC. On Saturday, the terrorists from Pakistan’s BAT battalion, crossed the LoC at Rajouri and attacked the patrolling team. A Major and four soldiers had been  martyred in the attack. Subsequent to this, a wave of anger rose  across the Country. The Home Ministry had warned that Pakistan would receive a befitting reply to this attack. The Indian Army kept up its word and gave a rude jolt to Pakistan. The ex-Army officers have welcomed this attack. Their response has been that hence forth Pakistan’s military will think twice before mounting attacks for a fear of a counter attack.

On Monday, some time in the evening, four to five commandos of the ‘dreaded’ battalion, of the Indian Army crossed the LoC and entered 200-300 meters inside the Rawalkot sector. These commandos launched  a massive attack on the Pakistan’s patrolling team, comprising  8-10 soldiers.

According to the initial reports, three soldiers of Pakistan were killed in the Indian Army attack, while the rest were severely injured. The ‘Intelligence’ however reports that the number of dead soldiers in the attack could be more. Sources however, report that at least eight Pakistan soldiers have been killed in this action of the Indian Army.

In a matter of 45 minutes the entire ‘operation’ had been completed. It is said that the  Indian Army after intense firing sealed the fate of the Pakistan commandos. According to the information received the dead soldiers of Pakistan belonged to the “59 Baloch Unit” of the “Rawalkot Brigade”. The Pakistan Army has admitted the attack, while the local Pakistan media quoting the Army, specified the killing of its three soldiers. It appears that the Pakistan Army who had earlier denied the ‘surgical strike’ of the Indian Army had to admit to this one.

It is believed, that not three  but many soldiers of the Pakistan Army have been  killed. Hence, Pakistan’s military had to admit to this. Meanwhile, India’s ex-Army officers and the strategic analysts while welcoming this action, have requested the Indian Army to conduct similar attacks in future, and not wait for Pakistan to initiate attack.  

Meanwhile, the officials of the Indian Military have said, that although the Indian Army has  crossed the LoC and conducted the attack, the action cannot be termed a ‘surgical strike’. It was a military mission conducted at local level by the military officers. The  military sources said that  such strategic manoeuvres  are taken at the brigade and the battalion level.

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