India and Pakistan intensifies deployment at the border

Third World War

New Delhi/Islamabad: Pakistan has made big war preparations at the border with deployment of long-range artillery, large number of soldiers and military equipment. At the same time, Pakistan military chief General Bajwa has incited India with his announcement, that no country can bring Pakistan to its knees with the use of force. In view of these movements by the Pakistan military, India has deployed Bofors guns at the border. Indian Chief of the Army Staff, General Bipin Rawat, said that the morale of the Indian army is at its peak and has ordered the army to coordinate with the Airforce to face any challenges.


India-PakistanA meeting of senior Pakistani officials has been completed and the Pakistan army chief took this opportunity to threaten India. General Bajwa warned India that Pakistan cannot be brought to its knees using force. Pakistan military had already started large soldier deployments along the Line of Control in Jammu-Kashmir border, even before this warning by the Pakistan army chief. The military equipment also is being stored at all these locations. The news agencies informed that there was a major exercise undertaken to shift the Pakistani soldiers deployed at the Afghanistan border to the Line of Control in Jammu-Kashmir,on an immediate basis. Along with this, Pakistan has brought 155 mm artillery to the Line of Control and has already started using these for attacks, in the Rajouri and Naushera sectors, since the last two days.

The civilian settlements in the border regions of Jammu-Kashmir have suffered major losses because of these long-range artillery shelling. Following this, the Indian Army had issued a tough warning to Pakistan. The Indian Army warned that henceforth, if civilian targets are hit, there will se severe repercussions. The Pakistan firing had stopped for some time after that, but Pakistan again resorted to heavy firing and shelling from Wednesday night. Krishna Ghati, Sunderbani were the areas from the Rajouri sector that came under Pakistan firing and shelling. The Indian Army taught Pakistan army a lesson with a strong retaliation. But now, the Indian Army also has deployed 155 mm Bofors Guns along the Line of Control and have started using them.

Along with the Line of Control, active patrolling is being conducted by the Indian Army on the International border. Lieutenant colonel Mohit Vaishnav, the spokesman of the Indian Army has warned that any incitement or misadventure will be dealt with an Iron hand.

Meanwhile, the Indian Airforce, in a statement issued, has said that it has been placed on high alert. Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat has made a suggestive statement about the moral of the Army and has issued a warning to Pakistan that the Indian Army is ready for action at any time. Therefore, although Pakistan claims that the war has been averted, but the threat still looms. Pakistan has closed its airspace because of the fear of the war. Airplanes coming from Iran, Afghanistan, Oman and China only are allowed to enter the Pakistani airspace. But the passenger airliners are still not operational in Pakistan. This is causing a loss of ₹300 million to the government airlines, per day.

The economists in the country have said that Pakistan has to bear huge expenses for the movements of the army, navy and air force and have expressed fears that this will empty the government coffers soon. Pakistani Finance Minister has made statements endorsing the view. The Pakistani analysts are also pointing out that India has a very strong financial capacity to exert pressure on Pakistan.

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