Pakistan has ulterior motives in opening of the Kartarpur Corridor, says Punjab CM Amrinder Singh  

Pakistan has ulterior motives in opening of the Kartarpur Corridor, says Punjab CM Amrinder Singh  Amritsar: India has been demanding for opening of the Kartarpur corridor for the last 70 years from Pakistan. The entire Sikh community was appealing for it. Punjab Chief Minister Amrinder Singh indicated that Pakistan has an ulterior motive behind agreeing to open the Kartarpur corridor, raising question on Pakistan’s sudden move of opening the corridor, which it ignored for over so many years. The Kartarpur corridor will be open from November 9. An intelligence report that terrorist training camps being operative close to the Kartarpur corridor has surfaced. Reports of Pakistan trying to reactivate terrorism in Punjab under the disguise of opening the Kartarpur Corridor have also been received. Against this background the suspicion of the Punjab Chief Minister becomes significant. 

The corridor to reach the holy religious place for the Sikh brothers will be opening on the 8th of November. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the corridor on November 8 whereas the Pakistan side of the corridor will be inaugurated by Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on November 9. A few months ago, Pakistan had expressed willingness to open the Kartarpur Corridor and the announcements regarding this, from both the countries, followed thereafter. 

However, while the corridor is about to open, activities of the Khalistani terrorists were observed in and around Kartarpur. Also, the posters of Khalistan supporters have been displayed there. At the same time, Khalistan leaders also were seen moving with the Pakistani leaders. This has not stopped, despite objections from India. Now, reports of terrorist camps in the where district Kartarpur Sahib is located have been received. 

Against this background, Punjab Chief Minister, Amrinder Singh raised doubts regarding Pakistani intentions behind the opening of the Kartarpur corridor. The Punjab Chief Minister underlined that this Pakistani move indicated ulterior motives of Pakistan. Pakistan is trying to create a divide in the society using the religious sentiment. Pakistan cannot be trusted, that it will not carry out a misadventure under the disguise of the corridor. The Punjab government is alert regarding this, as Punjab is a border state. 

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