Stopping Pakistan water is an act of aggression by India, claims Pakistani foreign ministry 

Islamabad: Prime Minister Narendra Modi had declared that the Indian share of water will not be allowed to flow into Pakistan and it will be supplied to the Indian farmers. Prime Minister Modi issued the warning while addressing a rally in Haryana, criticising the pro-terrorist policies of Pakistan. Nevertheless, Pakistan has reacted to the statement. The Pakistan foreign ministry has claimed that any attempt of blocking water is nothing but an act of aggression. The Pakistan foreign minister also alleged that Indian government is spreading war fever, for its own political benefits. 

In 1960, India and Pakistan had signed the Indus water treaty. As per this agreement, India has been giving the water of the rivers flowing through its territory to Pakistan. Till date, India has been allowing more water than the Pakistani share, to flow into Pakistan. Pakistan, who was taking advantage of the Indian generosity, declared a terrorist war against India. India tolerated these Pakistani activities till date, but India had warned that Pakistan will have to pay the price for these terrorist activities. India had issued an ultimatum to Pakistan, saying blood and water cannot flow at the same time. 

Despite this, Pakistan has not put an end to the hidden terror war against India. Taking cognisance of this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, issued this warning of cutting off the water supply to Pakistan. Henceforth, India will not allow the water from its share, to flow into Pakistan. This water will be supplied to the farmers in Haryana and Rajasthan. The Prime Minister said that these farmers had a right over this water. Prime Minister Modi warned that India has been supplying this excess water to Pakistan for the last 70 years, but his will not happen in the future. 

The statements of Prime Minister Modi elicited severe reactions. Mohammed Faisal, the spokesman of the Pakistan foreign ministry, accused that this announcement of the Indian Prime Minister, amounts to an act of aggression. Pakistan has a right on the waters, flowing into Pakistan from India. As per the Indus water treaty, India cannot cut off this water supply. Faisal said that in case India took this decision, Pakistan reserves its right to retaliate against the decision. 

Pakistan had appealed to the world bank, accusing India of violating the Indus water distribution treaty. The world bank had refused to mediate saying that it is a bilateral treaty. 

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