Pakistan’s ulterior motives behind opening ‘Kartarpur Corridor’ exposed, Punjab CM Amrinder Singh

New Delhi/Chandigarh: Capt. Amrinder Singh, the Chief Minister of Punjab, reiterated his allegation against Pakistan stating the state had ulterior motives behind opening the holy Kartarpur Corridor for the Sikhs. Capt. Amrinder Singh had issued a similar warning on Monday. Pakistan released a video two days before the opening of the corridor. The video glorifies the Khalistan terrorists in an attempt to incite India. Referring to the video, Capt Amrinder Singh cautioned the Indian government on Pakistan’s intentions. The Indian government expressed concerns on the matter anticipating Pakistan’s clarification that they do not support anti-India activities.

Pakistan’s ulterior motives behind opening ‘Kartarpur Corridor’ exposed, Punjab CM Amrinder SinghAn extensive program has been organised in Pakistan for the inauguration of the Kartarpur corridor, on the 9th of November. The opening on the Indian side would be held one day prior, on 8th November. Only a few days ago, the Pakistan Prime Minister had announced that it would not be necessary for the Indian tourists to carry their passports although the agreement signed between the two countries mandates the visa. India has thus sought clarification from Pakistan on the sudden shift in policy. Simultaneously, the presence of terrorist training camps in the Kartarpur district of Pakistan was exposed.

Pakistan intentions appear evident in trying to reinforce the hands of separatists in India demanding a separate state of Khalistan, using the Kartarpur corridor. Pakistan has shown its true colours by mentioning the Khalistani terrorists in the video. Capt. Amrinder Singh has, therefore, warned the government over the matter once again. Also, the crooked intentions of the Pakistani military were exposed because of the developments. While on the one hand, Pakistan has shown love for India, it is attempting to perpetrate something else entirely, Capt. Amrinder Singh said. The Indian agencies were alerted due to it and are closely watching Pakistani activities.

India has expressed worry over the inciting video Pakistan has released. The Indian government has retorted stating that it hoped Pakistan does not support anti-India activities. Also, a new dispute may arise between the two countries over the issue. The Indian population has expressed annoyance over the Pakistani activities. Moreover, Pakistan has been issued warnings over social media, stating that India and the Sikh community were inseparable, and nobody could break the bond.

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