Indian makes diplomatic moves to expose Pakistani terrorism

New Delhi: Indian foreign Secretary Harshvardhan Shringla informed the permanent members of the UN Security Council, regarding the horrible terror plot, that was busted by the Indian security forces. They killed four terrorists at Nagrota. Jaish-e-Mohammed, the Pakistan based terrorist organisation had plotted to carry out a horrible attack on the lines of 26/11, Mumbai attacks, on the same date. The Indian Foreign Secretary appealed that the leading countries should take serious cognisance of the incident and initiate steps to force Pakistan to take action against the terrorist organisation. Jaish had planned the attack on the Memorial Day of the 26/11 attacks. It has also been exposed that this activity had the complete support of the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI. The security forces succeeded in intercepting and eliminating the terrorists on 19th November. These terrorists were carrying 11 AK-47 rifles, 29 grenades and three pistols along with other materials made in Pakistan. Blatant proof has once again surfaced regarding the Pakistani intent of trying to destabilise India, using terrorists.

Indian makes diplomatic moves to expose Pakistani terrorismPakistan is making frantic efforts to get itself delisted from the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) grey list. Pakistan is creating a façade that it is changing its policies against terrorism, by handing out imprisonment of 10 years to a terrorist like Hafeez Saeed. At the same time, it has also been exposed with the Nagrota encounter that Pakistan is still supporting terrorists to carry out saboteur activities in India. All the information regarding the Pakistani involvement in the plot was presented by Foreign Secretary Shringla, in front of the Ambassadors of the leading countries.

These terrorists intrude into India, through tunnels, from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. This is not possible without the support of the Pakistan military. The terrorists killed in the Nagrota encounter were planning a major terror attack. Shringla also reminded that before this, in 2019, 40 Indian soldiers had been martyred in the cowardly attack carried out by Jaish in Pulwama.

Meanwhile, this information given by the Indian Foreign Secretary to the representatives of the P5 countries forms a part of an aggressive diplomatic campaign, started by India, to expose the terrorist activities of Pakistan. Prime Minister Modi had praised the Indian security forces for the success in busting a major terror plot. After that, the Prime Minister delivered a strong message to Pakistan that India has taken serious cognisance of the incident, by holding a meeting of the high-level security committee. This has rendered Pakistan restless. Pakistani analysts are warning that India can soon launch an attack on Pakistan. The Pakistani analysts also reminded the Pakistan government and military that the Indian influence has tremendously increased in the world and therefore, no country will side Pakistan going against India. India is taking aggressive actions on the Line of Control. Moreover, the analysts have warned that this preparation is essential for creating a necessary atmosphere to take a military attack on Pakistan. Whereas, India is accusing that Pakistan military is violating the ceasefire on the Line of Control, to facilitate terrorist infiltration into India.

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