US conducts airstrikes on Taliban controlled opium trade in Afghanistan

Washington: The United States has intensified its operations in Afghanistan against the growing control of Taliban and ‘IS’ by carrying out 3 times more airstrikes in just one year. The airstrikes that are not only targeting the terrorists but also the narcotic trade has caused significant damage to Taliban and its affiliated terrorist groups, as reported by the western media.    

US-conducts-airstrikes-on-TalibanThe US intensifying its actions against Taliban in Afghanistan is clear from footage broadcasted last week in the US media. Video footage released recently revealed the airstrikes on the opium fields which are a vital revenue source for Taliban and its affiliated terrorist organisations. Gen. John Nicholson, the commander of the US forces in Afghanistan and NATO provided information about the operation.

Although, the US administration has reported this operation merely as strikes on the opium fields, it is however claimed to be much more comprehensive than what it seems.

As reported by the US Air Force Central Command, there has been 3 times increase in the airstrikes. The US Air Force has carried out 3554 strikes in last 10 months of this year. Following this trend, it is claimed that nearly 4000 airstrikes could be carried out till the end of this year. 

Last month itself, the US had launched 653 bombs and missiles in Afghanistan. Since 2010 for the first time these many airstrikes have been executed in a month. ‘F-22’ advanced stealth fighter aircraft and ‘B-52’ bomber aircrafts were used in the strike by the US Air Force. Out of that ‘F22’ stealth fighter aircraft is known for its ability to precisely hit targets. With its use loss of life can be avoided. There has been an increased deployment of drones as well to carry out more airstrikes.

In the last few months, the US airstrikes have been targeting the opium fields apart from targeting the terrorists. The Opium trade in Afghanistan is the main source of revenue for the Taliban. Although the US has been fighting terrorists in Afghanistan for nearly 16 years now, a shocking revelation by western median claims of increase of opium plantation by 20 times during this period.

The Opium plantation and narcotic trade yields an annual revenue of 200 million US dollars to Taliban. There are accusations of Pakistani establishments and officials providing access to international market for the narcotic produce of Taliban. Pakistan’s Army infamous for its deeds are also known to have been part of this trade.

There have been complaints that previously in many of the operations conducted by the US in Afghanistan they have not targeted the Taliban’s narcotic trade. The reports submitted by the United Nations along with other organisations have alleged of flourishing opium plantation and narcotic trade in Afghanistan.

However, it is claimed that the US Air Force operations and strikes have intensified post receiving instruction from President Donald Trump. Since President Trump granted additional authority to ‘CIA’, in the past few months the strikes on opium fields, factories, labs and vehicle used in narcotic trade have significantly gone up.