China to produce ballistic missiles with Pakistan

New Delhi/Beijing: China has decided to jointly develop ‘ballistic missiles’, ‘anti-ship and anti-aircraft’  missiles and sophisticated multi-role combat aircrafts with Pakistan. This decision to develop ‘ballistic missiles’ with Pakistan by China, a country that constantly criticises India’s missile program, appears to be a part of a strategy against India. This news which was published during the Pakistan Chief of Army Staff,  General Qamar Javed Bajwa’s China tour, has been drawing attention of the experts.

china-and-pakistanAfter taking office as Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff, General Bajwa who was visiting China for the first time, met with a high-ranking Chinese military official, General Fang Fenghui along with many other senior officials on Thursday. During this meet, several topics including territorial security and defence cooperation were discussed. The defence cooperation between both the countries was decided upon to be made more extensive. Accordingly, China is also considering of making provisions for advance military technology for Pakistan, as reported by media.

The production of ‘JF-17 Thunder’, a multi-role combat aircraft jointly developed by the two countries would be increased, according to a news article published on ‘Global Times‘, the Chinese government’s official mouthpiece. During this meeting, General Bajwa discussed about receiving authorization for Pakistan to manufacture ballistic missiles and also anti-ship and anti-aircraft missiles developed by China.

India appalled China three months back by testing the ballistic missile ‘Agni-5’ which can target any city in China. China had expressed its fierce agitation over it. Pakistan is being accused of loosing territorial control due to India’s missile program. Therefore, in order to surpass India, both nations are increasing their military and defence related cooperation. The plan to jointly manufacture missiles and fighter planes  proves to be a part of the same strategy. Nevertheless, it has come to the fore that Pakistan is using this defence related cooperation with China as a means to warn the US.  

A few months ago, Mushahid Hussain, a member of Pakistani parliament, was on a political tour focusing on Kashmir, to the US. Mushahid Hussain had warned that if the US does not take sides with Pakistan to resolve the Kashmir issue then they would resort to cooperation with China as an alternative. Pakistan is trying to convey this message to the US by increasing its defence cooperation with China. At the same time, it appears that their bitter opposition against India has brought both, China and Pakistan together.

While cooperation over policies between India and the US is enhancing, it has been noticed even previously on many occasions that China does not waste a single opportunity to increase its pressure over India. However, Pakistan itself would have to face the destructive repercussions due to this cooperation between the two countries in the coming times, warned a few responsible analysts from Pakistan.