Artificial Intelligence poses serious threat to the world : Renowned business magnate, Elon Musk

Dubai: ‘In the coming times, advanced robots will replace nearly 15 percent of the workforce in the world. Not only that, we will also witness robots performing every task, which will render the existence of a large portion of the population useless’, warned the renowned business magnate Elon Musk about the imminent dangers of the future. Musk, while speaking at the ‘World Government Summit’ in Dubai, enlightened the audience about several shocking aspects of the future.

Elon-MuskThe ‘World Government Summit’ was convened between 12-14 February in Dubai, wherein the CEO of ‘Tesla’ group, Elon Musk cautioned the world about some issues of the future. In the near future, robots will be seen performing every task. The rapid development of Artificial Intelligence may have dangerous effects that the world will soon witness. Elon Musk warned that about 15% of the tasks, presently performed by humans, will be taken over by the robots. So to compensate the loss, some kind of ‘universal basic income’ will have to be introduced, claimed Elon Musk.

When asked whether the Artificial Intelligence is good or bad, Elon Musk replied that the goodness or badness of Artificial Intelligence entirely depends on how we use it. It can be good and bad at the same time.

It is necessary to monitor the development in Artificial Intelligence closely, because sometimes, the researchers advance in the wrong direction unknowingly, hence it is necessary to stop them from proceeding on wrong path. Especially, the developments in Artificial Intelligence can be very dangerous to the entire world, because Artificial Intelligence has the ability to supersede even the most intelligent human on earth, pointed, the CEO of Tesla group, Musk.

Elon Musk also predicted that soon automated cars, not requiring drivers, would be launched and commonly used everywhere. Several such revolutionary developments will be introduced in the near future.

Musk also highlighted that in the current times, a person’s ‘digital ghost’ still exists even after his death, because his emails, his accounts on the social media will always be in existence. He said that over the time, merging human intelligence and digital intelligence is possible. In the coming 10-20 years, humans may be able to establish contact with super-intelligent and advanced aliens from the outer world. In a 50 years’ time, travel to other solar systems will become easily possible. Musk also claimed that the space flights to other solar systems will be as simple and convenient as travelling by planes today.

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