Netherlands will spend millions of dollars on each migrant, warns renowned Mathematician

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Amsterdam: Discontent among the European countries against the migrants from Africa and Asia is on the rise. Some leaders and economists claim that European countries need the young migrants in view of the rising population of aged people. These leaders and economists have advised that the European people should not disregard the benefits from the migrants with their communal outlook on the issue. Statistics are being presented to substantiate the claim. However, one mathematician has proved with substantial evidence that the migrants will weaken the economy of the European nations instead of strengthening it.

Mathematician Jan Van Beek has presented details of the numbers of migrants and the expenses incurred on them. 20,000 immigrants entered Netherlands in 2014 whereas in 2015, this number increased to 54,000. The number was 34,000 in 2016. Including the numbers for this year and for 2017, as well as that of earlier years, the total number of migrants in Netherlands exceeds 131,000. People from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran form a major proportion of these migrants, Jan Van Beek pointed out.

This means that non-western migrants have entered Netherlands in large numbers. This will put stress on the 17.5 million citizens of Netherlands. Because each of this, immigrant will cost the people of Netherlands, $ 1.15 million for his lifetime, warned Jan Van Beek. If a migrant brings his family here then the expense will be quadrupled, as we will have to account for the expenses of his wife and children too, warned Jan Van Beek.

Thus, Jan Van Beek has indicated that the theory that the migrants will strengthen the economy of European countries, is a myth. The mathematician has proved that, on the contrary, Europe will have to bear additional burden.

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