Nepal opposition parties claim Chinese intrusion in 7 districts of Nepal 

Kathmandu/Beijing: – Nepal congress, the main opposition party in Nepal, accused that China has grabbed territory, in seven districts of Nepal. Jeevan Bahadur Shahi, the leader of the Nepal Congress, has even presented proofs of the intrusion. Recently, a unit led by Shahi surveyed the border regions. Before this, on Saturday, Global Times, the Chinese government mouthpiece, denied the claims of Chinese intrusion in Nepal. The Global Times also accused that the Indian newspapers are inflating the issue. The Global Times remarked that the Nepal Congress, raising this issue of intrusion, is an Indian supporter.   

Chinese intrusion

The attacks by the opposition on the KP Sharma Oli government, which published a new political map of Nepal, claiming that India had encroached on Nepalese territory, have intensified. Question is being repeatedly asked as to why the Nepal government, who is making big noise regarding Indian encroachment, quiet regarding the Chinese encroachment. Nepal Congress, the main opposition party of Nepal, has taken an aggressive stand on this issue.   

Jeevan Bahadur Shahi, the leader of the Nepal Congress, presented the evidence showing the Chinese encroachment on Nepalese territory, in front of the Nepalese media. The issue of Chinese constructions on Nepalese land in the Humla district is in the limelight. But Shahi claimed that China has encroached not only in Humla but also in six other districts. Shahi said that the communist government in Nepal has surrendered to China.   

China is carrying out constructions at a rapid pace on the encroached land in Humla. All these constructions are in the Nepalese territory, inside the Border pillar 12. China has also encroached on a large piece of land in the Lapcha district. China has flattened the border pillars without consulting Nepal. The installation of a new border pillar is done in consultation with officials from both the countries. But China has not done that. The Nepalese citizens in the border areas are facing a lot of hardships because of the Chinese intrusion and they are not allowed to go to their lands.   

Meanwhile, the Global Times called the Nepal Congress an Indian supporter, in one of the articles. The constructions on the border are all in the Burung area of Tibet. A new village has been built there. Surveys had been conducted by the military as well as professional surveyors and mapping experts before starting the work. The Global Times also said that there have been no skirmishes with Nepalese soldiers, even when the construction was being carried out. At the same time, Global Times also claimed that the Nepalese employees carrying out surveys, are not professionals and therefore, there are errors while fixing the borders. 

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