Turkey using Pakistani Special Forces in the Azerbaijan war: Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan  

Yerevan/Ankara: – Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan accused that Turkey is using soldiers from Pakistani Special forces, in addition to its military, in the Armenia-Azerbaijan war. This is the third accusation against Pakistan, since the Armenia-Azerbaijan war started, a month ago. In the past, even during the Armenia-Azerbaijan war in 1990, the Pakistan army had joined forces with the Azerbaijan army. Azerbaijan had to face a lot of embarrassment in that war.   

Pakistani Special Forces

The international community is making appeals to stop the Armenia-Azerbaijan war. At the same time, countries like Turkey and Pakistan are openly supporting Azerbaijan. It had been exposed, on the first day itself, that Turkey supplied large military aid and sent groups of terrorists from Syria. After that, the involvement of Pakistan is being exposed and it is also being exposed from the statement of the Armenian Prime Minister, that this country is participating at Turkey’s behest. Pakistan and Azerbaijan have dismissed the allegations, levelled by the Armenian Prime Minister, saying that there is no truth in them.  

Pakistani Special Forces

In the last few years, Pakistan is coming to be recognised as a country supporting terrorism and has lost many of its traditional allies, due to inappropriate policies. Currently, excepting Turkey and China, Pakistan has hardly any allies on the international level. Therefore, Pakistan is willing to stoop to any level to maintain their friendship. Pakistani participation in the Armenia-Azerbaijan war is considered to be an effort to increase closeness with Turkey. Turkey is supporting Pakistan on the Kashmir issue and in return, Pakistan is participating in the Turkish missions.   

Pakistani Special Forces

Before this, the Pakistani military had participated in the war in Yemen, for Saudi Arabia. The front formed by Saudi had suffered major losses in this war. Iran also had heavily criticised Pakistan for participating in this war. Despite all this, the Pakistani participation in the Armenia-Azerbaijan war for Turkey demonstrates the failure of the government and military of the country.  

Only a few days ago, Armenian Deputy Foreign Minister, Avet Adonts, had said during an interview with an Indian news channel that Pakistani soldiers are active in Azerbaijan. Deputy Foreign Minister, Adonts said that this matter would be proved with evidence. A reaction had been received on social media on the statement of Adonts. A former Indian security officer had commented ‘Armenia need not worry; Pakistan military has a lot of experience of losing wars. The Pakistani soldiers fighting against you prove to be a good omen for you.’ 

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