US and Japanese warships hold joint military exercise in South China Sea

Third World War

Tokyo/Washington: Japan and the United States once again posed a direct challenge to the increasing Chinese aggression in the South China Sea. On Friday, the Japanese and US navy conducted joint war exercises in the South China Sea. Prior to the war exercises, US B-52 bombers patrolled the South China Sea. The sequence of events clearly shows that the United States and its allied countries have initiated strong movements to stop China in South China Sea.

Leading helicopter carrier warship ‘Kaga’ of the Japanese navy participated in the war exercises with the United States, on Wednesday. Two advanced destroyers from the Japanese ‘Escort Flotilla 4 Battle Group’ also participated in the exercises. All the three warships are on a visit to the Asia-Pacific and they visited the Philippines as well on Saturday.

The aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan from the Ronald Reagan Strike Group of the US navy and two other destroyers participated in the war exercises in the South China Sea with the Japanese warships. This is the first instance of the advanced United States and Japanese warships jointly participating in war exercises. The exercises were focused on the deployment and movements of the warships in the South China Sea, informed the US navy.

Only last week, the US bombers had created a sensation by flying over the South China Sea. China had even warned the United States over the issue.

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