Military Intelligence chief of US Indo-Pacific Command in Taiwan; Advanced US destroyers sail South China Sea

Taipei/Washington: – As per reports Rear Admiral Michael Studeman, Chief of military intelligence in the US Indo-Pacific Command, visited Taiwan. The Taiwanese sources have confirmed the reports. But the US defence department has not reacted to the report. The visit of the senior US naval officer, against the background of Chinese threats of attack on Taiwan, the military deployments increased for the purpose and the intrusions of Chinese aircraft and ships into Taiwanese territory becomes significant.   

Over the last year, the United States has increased diplomatic and defence cooperation tremendously, with Taiwan. In the last four months, two senior US officials have visited Taiwan. Following that, important agreements in economic and investment sectors have been signed between the United States and Taiwan. Only last week, Economic Partnerships dialogue also has started between the two countries. Proposal for Taiwanese security has been presented in the US Congress and the demand for trade agreement also is becoming stronger.   

At the same time, the United States has made preparations to supply F-16 fighter jets, missiles, torpedoes and rocket systems to Taiwan. Former US officials had appealed to keep the super-advanced F-35 fighter jets on standby for Taiwan or may even be directly deployed there. The US aircraft carriers and Carrier Strike Group have increased the frequency of their visits to regions near Taiwan. Claims of US surveillance aircraft landing in Taiwan also have been made.   

Taking all this background into consideration, the urgent and unannounced visit of Rear Admiral Michael Studeman, a senior US official connected with the intelligence department of US Indo-Pacific Command, becomes significant. US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, recently created a sensation with his declaration that Taiwan is not a part of China. While making this declaration, Pompeo had announced that President Trump’s campaign, initiated against China has not ended yet. At the same time, there is a change of guard in the United States. It has already been predicted that China may become aggressive against Taiwan in these times of hyperactivity.  

Meanwhile, it has been reported that advanced US destroyer, USS Barry, has reached the South China Sea. The US naval officials informed that this guided-missile destroyer recently sailed in the marine region near Taiwan.   

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