NATO and Israel to increase military co-operation

Brussels, Dt. 23 (News Agency) – The conflicts broke out in the gulf and North African countries is the biggest threat for the security of the ‘NATO’ countries. Hence, it is very much necessary to stand together against terrorism with a country having a view like the NATO. For that, ‘The NATO requires military co-operation with Israel and is committed for increasing the same’, announced the NATO Chief ‘Jens Stoltenberg’. While the conflicts between Iraq and Syria are intensifying the co-operation between the NATO and Israel proves important.

military co-operation- NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg (R) shakes hands with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin during a press conference after their bilateral meeting at the NATO headquarters in Brussels on June 21, 2016. / AFP PHOTO / JOHN THYSThe President of Israel ‘Reuven Rivlin’ recently visited ‘Northen Atlantic Treaty Organization’ (NATO) i.e. US and European nations military organization  headquarters at Brussels where he had discussions with the NATO Chief ‘Stoltenberg’. Talks were held mainly about establishing Israel’s embassy in the NATO headquarters. The NATO Chief Stoltenberg accepted the invitation of the President of visiting Israel. President Rivlin expressed his trust saying, “This meet between them will help in strengthening the co-operation between Israel and the NATO even further”.

Rivlin and Stoltenberg addressed journalists after the meet. Stoltenberg informed that the co-operation between Israel and the NATO dates back to old times. ‘Since past 20 years Israel is an active ally of NATO. But, in future an important role is to be played in the co-operation between Israel and the NATO and for that further steps are required to be taken, clarified Stoltenberg. The establishment of Israel’s embassy in the NATO headquarters will help in increasing the co-operation and improving relations too. At the same time, the give and take of important information will be facilitated, claimed Stoltenberg.

The winds of malice have started flowing very rapidly like never before between the gulf countries. The repercussion caused by this hatred are not only affecting the gulf countries but the whole world’, stated the NATO Chief. He further added that ‘On this background, the co-operation between Israel and the NATO will give stability to this sector making it terror-free. After the embassy starts its working in the NATO headquarters, it will be possible to exchange confidential information with Israel. Also, Israel will co-operate the NATO in terms of cyber security.

Since a few days ago, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu too had informed that Israel is very much eager to co-operate the NATO in the fight against terrorism. Netanyahu putforth this proposal on the background of threat of terrorist attacks that the European nations face. ‘Terrorism knows no boundaries. Therefore the co-operation between Israel and the NATO too should not be limited to any boundary’, appealed Israel’s Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, the NATO Chief stated that Israel is not a part of the NATO’s military campaign although the co-operation with Israel dates back to old times. Since past many years, Israel has been trying to set up its embassy in the NATO headquarters and is also taking initiative for increasing military co-operation between Israel and the NATO. But, Turkey, a member country of the NATO had opposed this.

In the year 2010, 9 Turkish citizens were killed in the action taken by Israel’s military on the ships sent by Turkey for providing help to the Palestinian migrants in the Gaza Strip. Angered by this action, Turkey broke the military as well as trade collaboration with Israel. After these arguments from the past 6 years, Turkey is once again eager to improve its relations with Israel and is in favor of the military co-operation between the NATO and Israel.          



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