Merkel supports ‘open door policy’ on the backdrop of German elections

Berlin : On the background of increasing terrorist attacks and the rise in hatred against immigrants, German Chancellor Angela Merkel once again has supported the ‘open door policy’. Due to ensuing elections next month, Merkel suggested that if needed she shall repeat such decision in future as well as she had taken two years back. Although it is claimed that even though Merkel is ahead in this election, a strong resentment against the immigrants is clearly visible. In such circumstances Chancellor Merkel’s support has drawn attention.

open door policy“If needed I am ready to repeat the decision taken in the year 2015 with regards to immigrants. The decision which I had taken was based on what I found to be appropriate by political and humanitarian perspective. In the year 2015 arrival of immigrant crowd was an unusual and exceptional event”, Chancellor Merkel supported her decision in these words. This time she criticized the countries who refused to allow refugees.

Immigrants problem is a crises situation. Such situation should never be faced by European people or people of any other nations. Few nations are denying refugees to enter which is not acceptable, this is against the European principles. German government too shall be insistent that all European countries should accept the immigrants, said Chancellor Merkel. 

Except for European Union and few member countries, there is growing opposition from majority of Europe against the refugee crowd. Central and Eastern European countries have clearly refused to accept the refugees meanwhile countries like Poland and Hungary having started preparing for legal conflict against European Union. Simultaneously, Italy has deployed navy in middle of the sea to stop the immigrants and have planned policies to provide financial help to countries like Libya. France has set controls on its border while countries like Switzerland and Sweden have indicated the same.

Although there is growing opposition from the European countries this year, within a span of eight months approximately more than 100000 immigrants have entered Europe.

Among these, majority of immigrants have entered Italy and Spain which indicates intensifying of the crises situation. In Germany too, Chancellor Merkel’s ruling alliance parties and leaders have started taking aggressive role against the immigrants. In last few months protests were carried out in German cities against the immigrants which has clearly affected Markel’s election promotions.

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