Demand for independence in Bavaria province of Germany

Berlin : While German Chancellor Angela Merkel strives to unite the European Union, struggle is on within Germany for liberation from the Merkel government as well as European Union. The Bavaria province of Germany which is the largest province and industrial centre is increasingly seen favouring independence. A survey conducted by a leading newspaper of Germany, reveals more than 30% of the citizens supporting the demand for independent Bavaria.

In a survey conducted by Germany’s daily newspaper ‘Build’, nearly 32 percent of the people have expressed strong disapproval against Chancellor Merkel’s reign and the European Union. These citizens have iterated that they do not want the control of both, the German Government as well as the European Federation. A political party supporting the demand for separation from Germany and the Federation has also been formed in Bavaria and it has been named as the ‘Party of Bavaria’. The leader of this party, Florian Weber has demanded that Bavaria be given the right to take its own decisions.

“The Bavaria Province should unite and make a decision about its financial, political and cultural status. Currently the decisions for Bavaria are being taken either by the German Government or the Federation. Germany and Federation dominate and dispossess the rights of the people of Bavaria. We also do not have enough representation in the European Parliament. Inspite of the higher population of Bavaria, more representatives are sent from a lesser populated country like Greece”, said Weber, thereby supporting the demand for independent Bavaria.

Bavaria is the largest in area and the second most populous province in the country. The world’s renowned Companies like BMW and Audi have their headquarters’ in Bavaria; Bavaria is known as the backbone of German Industrial sector. This region which accounts for nearly 18% of GDP in Germany, has a different cultural background and history from Germany.

Officially known as ‘Free State of Bavaria’, this province has been showing the picture of increasing dissatisfaction on financial level in the past few years. Six years ago, in 2011, a survey by Germany’s Hans Seidel Foundation revealed that 25% of the Bavarian citizens expressed their desire to be independent from Germany. The Bavarian people are expressing their displeasure on being looked upon as only payers of tax and economic share to the country.

However, Bavaria’s path of separation from Germany is extremely tough. The German Constitution has denied the right to separate the province and has rejected this petition at the beginning of this year.

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