China and Saudi sign $65 billion worth agreements

Beijing : China and Saudi Arabia have signed an agreement of around 65 billion dollars for a new collaboration. This agreement includes co-operation in some important fields like fuel, energy and space. These pacts signify new beginnings, said Zhang Ming, China’s vice minister of Foreign Affairs.

Arabia’s ‘King Salman’ who has been on a tour in the Asian sub-continent, arrived in China on Thursday. King Salman met the Chinese President Xi Jinping, and discussed the promotion of mutual co-operation between them. While notifying about this meeting, the vice minister of Foreign Affairs Ming, also spoke of King Salman and Xi Jinping being friends with one other.  

Saudi-Arabia has been trying to attract China’s investment interests into Saudi, like it has done in the European and African nations. Saudi is urging foreign companies to invest in Saudi’s ‘Aramco’, which is a government affiliated fuel generation company.

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