‘Marawi’ Conflict in Philippines claims 100 lives

Manila: More than 100 have been killed in the fight against ‘IS’ in the city of Marawi, Philippines, inform sources. In the ongoing conflict between the Philippine army and the ‘IS’ in the last few days, civilians as well as terrorists have been killed. Corpses of the deceased have been found lying all over the road in various places, report locals.

With the support of the US ‘Special Forces’, the Philippine military carried out heavy air strikes on ‘Marawi’ city. The Philippine army has also besieged the city. The ‘IS’ terrorists are claimed to have been trapped. The aggressive proceedings of the Philippine army has made it difficult for the ‘IS’ terrorists to retaliate against them.

The citizens that have been rescued from the ‘Marawi’ conflict have  taken refuge in the military camps and are providing this information. The ‘IS‘ terrorist attacks  have claimed the lives of a few civilians, informed the Philippine army. The rescue operations are being affected as the conflict still continues. According to the information given by the eyewitnesses, 100 people have died so far. However, the Philippine army fears that number of causalities may be much higher than this.

Since the past three weeks, the conflict between the Philippine army and the ‘IS’ is in progress. The Philippine army has said that the US ‘Special Forces’ has only been functioning as an advisory. Nevertheless, Philippine President Duterte has disclosed that the Philippine government did not approach the US for help.

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