Local train to run between Mumbai-Pune shortly

Mumbai: In the coming year, the Central Railway has approved to start the ‘Mumbai-Pune local train service’. The Central Railway had written a letter to Chennai’s, ‘Integral Coach Factory’, requesting for the development 12 coaches high-speed train.

The Central Railway has assured confidently, that such a train of higher braking power will run smoothly between Mumbai-Pune Ghats too.

Mumbai-PuneThe central railway had requested ‘Integral Coach Factory’, to look into the matter in June 2018. Subsequently, the third letter was written by the Chief Railway Engineer to the Integral Coach factory regarding the matter.

Instead of the special Mumbai-Pune local trains, which were to be made as per the request, six other trains are also being made in Chennai’s coach factory.

For the time being, the available local trains are being tested to meet the requirements put forth, but a special train with parking brakes and doors that can be closed is planned to be made and used for the purpose. Sources have informed that this train is supposed to arrive in Mumbai by the January 10, after which the necessary tests shall be conducted on it.

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