China gets preference in Russia’s foreign policy, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Moscow: Bilateral relations with China has been given a priority in Russia’s foreign policy as announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin. This announcement came after a meeting with China’s ‘Central Military Commission’ vice chairman Zhang Youxia. Russian President expressed his satisfaction on the increasing strategic co-operation between the two countries. It seems that the Chinese military delegation’s visit to Russia is on the background of increasing stress in Eastern Asia region as claimed by the European media.

russia-china-military-putinZhang Youxia, the senior official of Chinese military was on a 2 day visit to Russia. He met President Putin at his residence near Novo-Ogaryovo in the capital city of Moscow. Since last 10 days, Russia and China have conducted a joint military exercise. The Russian government media reported that Zhang Youxia’s meeting President Putin and the Defence Minister Sergey Shoygu was on contextual of the joint military exercises. The Russian media also reported that the meeting between Youxia and Shoyguwas was to enhance bilateral military co-operations. However, the Chinese government media stated that the meeting of Youxia and Putin to be of great strategic significance.

The Russian President, even in his meeting with Youxia expressed his satisfaction on the strategic alliance. President Putin in his meeting emphasised that on many international issues, Russia and China have similar views. Hence to maintain peace and stability in the region and globally, it is important that Russia and China to enhance their communication and coordination. Military cooperation has greatly helped the bilateral relations; hence focus should be given to conduct many more joint military exercises and military trainings in  future. 

A joint military exercise “Co-Operation-2017” between Russia and China is currently ongoing. Since last 10 days, Russian military troops are participating in a drill conducted in South-East region of China. In about 20 degrees temperature, the joint military exercise is carried out using ‘stun grenade’ and ‘plastic bullets’. Stun grenade is a non-lethal explosive device effective to get the enemy unconscious. Hence the joint military drill of Russia and China has been worthy of getting attention.

China and Russia both share their borders with North Korea. Likewise, both these countries have similar stand on North Korea. Russia and China had appealed to resolve the North Korean issue with diplomatic discussion rather than military aggression.

Also, Russia and China have increased their military movements around the border adjoining North Korea. Few days back, China had organised a military drill close to North Korea border along with air force exercise in the ‘East China Sea’ and ‘South Sea’. In an eventuality of war against North Korea, its most likely that China would be backing North Korea as claimed by analysts.

In the meanwhile, since last few months it is evident that Russia is emphasising on friendly relations with China. While the bilateral engagement in areas of energy cooperation to military partnership has been growing between the two countries, it seems there is definite change in Russia’s conventional foreign policy towards Asia.

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