China’s latest warning to India on Sino-Nepal cargo transport

China’s continued opposition for UN Security Council’s action against Masood Azhar and its opposition to India’s NSG membership is now followed by another warning from China. The Chinese state run newspaper ‘Global Times’ has said that if India opposes China’s development of its alternative transport route to Nepal, then it could mean endless trouble for India.


China’s latest warning to India on Sino-Nepal cargo transport

In a move that is said to be a strong warning to India, China has commenced cargo transport to Kathmandu. However government mouthpiece Global Times has advised India to look at it positively rather than getting highly sensitive about it. It also adds that China’s entry into Nepal’s market does not necessarily mean that Indian goods will be thrown out. China has warned that if India opposes its cargo transport with Nepal, then it will lead to an endless chain of problems.

Global Times has also alleged India’s financial help to China’s neighbour Mongolia to be nothing but a bribe. India had announced a financial help of about hundred crore dollars to Mongolia. Global Times reports that this is no reason for China to get wary about as 90% of Mongolia’s trade depends on China. Thus, India will not be able to replace China’s position as Mongolia’s business partner. Even if India bribes Mongolia, the efforts would be futile, concludes the newspaper.

Just a day prior to this warning from China, Chinese foreign ministry had announced that they will continue to oppose UN ban on Masood Azhar who is chief of the terrorist organisation Jaish-e-Mohammed. They also declared that China has not changed its stance on India’s bid for ‘NSG’. It is said that this aggression in China’s strategy is a clear indication that it will not hesitate to formally oppose India. 

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