Lashkar, Jaish and Hizbul will increase extremists recruitments, taking advantage of the Coronavirus pandemic, warns South Asia Democratic Forum  

Brussels: – It is becoming clear that the Pakistan economy, already passing through a crisis, will hit rock bottom. Although the Pakistani government and citizens are disturbed by this, it is, however, viewed as a golden opportunity by the terrorist organisations. This fear has been expressed by the South Asia Democratic Forum based in Brussels. The study group has said that the terrorist organisations Hizbul Mujahidin, Jaish-e-Mohammed and Lashkar-e-Taiba will increase recruitment of Jihadis, taking advantage of the increasing unemployment in Pakistan and Afghanistan. It has been proved once again that terrorism is the perpetually flourishing business in Pakistan. Pakistan economy is on the verge of bankruptcy, because of the Coronavirus pandemic and it is evident that unemployment will be rampant in the country. Dr. Siegfried O. Wolf, the Director of the South Asia Democratic Forum, has expressed a fear that the terrorist organisations like Lashkar, Jaish and Hizbul, will easily lure these youth, frustrated with unemployment, with money.   

Wolf reminded that it has been observed in the past that these terrorist organisations, from Pakistan, had increased their recruitments, taking advantage of the unemployment and other crisis. It has also been proved time and again that the Pakistani terrorist organisations have never been short of funds for these recruitments. Therefore, these terrorist organisations will force these unemployed youth to enlist as Jihadis on the strength of money and use them for all the future terrorist activities.  

The terrorist organisations have been paralysed because of the aggressive action initiated by the Indian security forces in Jammu-Kashmir. Youth seem to be disinterested in enrolling in these terrorist organisations. The Indian military is delivering a clear message that you will have a very short life after enrolling with the terrorist organisations and the effects are already clearly visible. This had made it difficult for Lashkar and Jaish to recruit new terrorists. Therefore, the economic crisis faced by the Pakistani population becomes a huge opportunity for these terrorist organisations. The terrorist organisations will try to take maximum advantage of the situation. But Pakistan will have to face the ill effects of this, in the future; because the allegation that Pakistan is the global centre of terrorism will be proved once again. Therefore, India will be in apposition to demand, more aggressively, that the international community should take stricter action against Pakistan, the sponsor and protector of terrorism. 

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