Journalist jailed in China for exposing information regarding Coronavirus pandemic

Beijing: – Journalist Zhang Zhan, who exposed detailed information regarding the Coronavirus pandemic, originated from the City of Wuhan in China, has been handed out a four-year prison term. Zhan, originally a lawyer, had visited Wuhan at the beginning of the year and exposed the information regarding the havoc played by Coronavirus through live reports and articles. But the Chinese authorities jailed him under the charges of arguing at a public place and inciting tension. Eight people, who exposed the information regarding the Coronavirus pandemic before Zhan, have also been put behind bars by the Chinese government.   

china-coronaThe Coronavirus pandemic started originated in the city of Wuhan in China at the end of last year. But the Chinese rulers tried to suppress the facts regarding the pandemic from the international community. Activists, writers, researchers, and citizen journalists from other regions started revealing Wuhan’s reality through videos and articles. These included Chinese writer Fang Fang, human rights activist Jennifer Zeng and researcher from Hong Kong Dr Li-Meng Yan. Jennifer Zeng and Dr Li-Meng Yan live in foreign countries, and China has banned Fang Fang’s Wuhan diary.   

At the same time, many journalists exposing Wuhan’s reality have disappeared since February. Some journalists and activists have been jailed under other charges, and the action against Zhang Zhan also is a part of the same activity. His lawyer informed that he has been handed out a jail term of four years. Zhan has already started a hunger strike against the action of the Chinese government. His lawyer claimed that his health is deteriorating and he may breathe his last in the jail.  

The Chinese government has initiated an aggressive campaign to absolve itself from the allegations about Coronavirus. This includes suppressing the information already in the public domain, taking action against people exposing this information and running media campaigns to tell the international community regarding the Chinese measures. China is also trying to clear its image by promoting the vaccine developed by China. The vaccine is being supplied to various countries at moderate prices and even in the form of assistance.   

While these efforts are being made, it is being said that a team from the World Health Organisation (WHO) will be reaching China in the next month. The countries badly hit by the pandemic, which started in Wuhan, had demanded an inquiry into the origin of the pandemic. The United States, European countries and Australia have taken the lead in the matter.   

Accordingly, a team comprising of medical experts will be collecting information regarding the Coronavirus pandemic from China. Accusations had been made that the WHO had taken various decisions succumbing to Chinese pressure. Therefore, analysts claim that there are no expectations that the WHO team going to China will reveal any facts. 

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