Author of ‘Wuhan Diary’ receiving death threats from China  

Wuhan: – Acclaimed Chinese writer, Fang Fang, who exposed the facts about the lockdown in Wuhan, the origin of Coronavirus pandemic, in front of the world, is receiving death threats. The death threats are because of her book, Wuhan Diaries, being published in the western countries. The accusation is becoming stronger on the international level that China purposely hid the information regarding the situation in Wuhan. The death threats are being issued to Fang Fang after realising that ‘Wuhan Diaries’ could expose the facts regarding Wuhan which were not in the public domain, thus increasing the pressure on China further.   

Fang Fang is an acclaimed writer from China, and she has been awarded the highest literary award in the country. She has a particular class of readers in China. The Chinese government imposed a lockdown in Wuhan on the 23rd of January. Fang, being a citizen of Wuhan, started writing a diary for an online journal. Fang shared the situation in the Wuhan city, which included medical facilities, actions by the Chinese police and experiences of her friends through this journal with the world.   

Fang has stated in the diary that the doctors in Wuhan had informed their seniors that Coronavirus spreads through human contact and yet, no steps were taken in this matter. The Chinese government did not alert the people of Wuhan regarding this. The facts regarding the heart-wrenching situation in the Wuhan cemetery rocked the world. A photo provided by a doctor showed piles of dead bodies and their mobiles phones lying around in the cemetery.   

In her post of the 17th of February, Fang claimed that a major calamity had engulfed the city. An entire book of death certificates was being exhausted, every day, in the city hospitals. Fang wrote that at the same time, ambulances filled with corpses were returning from the cemeteries as there was no place in the graves. Also, the hospitals in the cities were overflowing with Coronavirus patients, and some hospitals refused to accept more patients. Fang has also written about the shortage of masks, medical equipment and unavailability of PPEs.  

Initially, Fang’s posts were receiving a good response. But in the subsequent period, Fang’s posts were deleted. Her accounts on the Chinese social media also were blocked. Fang gave this information while talking to the local press. Although Fang’s post in the Chinese media has been deleted, two distributors from the United States and Germany have announced the publication of a book in the name ‘Wuhan Diaries’, with a compilation of Fang’s posts on the online journal.   

After the announcement, Fang has started receiving death threats. The supporters of the Chinese communist regime have threatened to kill Fang and have displayed a poster with the threat in the Wuhan city. Fang has expressed concern that the safety of her family and herself is under threat. The Chinese government has not reacted in the matter. But Global Times, the mouthpiece of the Chinese government, has been severely criticising Fang. The mouthpiece has lashed out that the writings of Fang are providing ammunition to the opponents of China. 

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