China pressurised WHO to hide information regarding Coronavirus, claims German weekly

London/Beijing: Spiegel, a German weekly made a sensational claim that Chinese President Xi Jinping pressurised the World Health Organisation (WHO) to suppress the information that Coronavirus was transmitted through human contact. The weekly clarified that the claim was based on the inputs received from the German intelligence agency. This report in the German weekly endorses the accusations that China is cheating the entire world regarding the Coronavirus pandemic.

The German weekly has referred to a report published by the intelligence agency, BND. As per the report, Chinese President Xi Jinping called Tedros Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the WHO, on 21st of January. It has been exposed that during the phone-call, the Chinese President pressurised the WHO Director-General to withhold information that the Coronavirus spreads through Human contact.

Because of this pressure from the Chinese President, the WHO delayed the announcement that Coronavirus was a pandemic. The report of the German intelligence agency has inferred that this set the measures taken by the countries of the world, to control the epidemic, back by nearly one and a half month.

WHO has reacted sharply to the claims made by the German agency and the weekly. The WHO statement claims that there was no telephonic talk between the WHO Director-General and the Chinese President. WHO claimed that China had already informed about the contagious property of the virus on the 20th of January and the WHO also had said on the 22nd of January that there are cases of spread through human contact in Wuhan. WHO has retaliated that the claims made by the German agency and the weekly are false and baseless.

China has still not reacted to the report in the German weekly. China has always dismissed the allegations made by the United States and the other countries regarding the pandemic. China has been justifying its actions saying that there have been deaths even in China and China has always supplied all the facts about the pandemic to the international community.

But the report by the German agency strengthens the accusations made by the United States against China. US President Donald Trump has accused that the Coronavirus pandemic originated from China and WHO was involved in the Chinese conspiracy. Other leaders from the United States also have fired rounds of allegations against China and have even retorted that WHO stands for ‘Wuhan Health Organisation’ rather than ‘World Health Organisation’.

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