Jordan summons Iranian ambassador after Iran’s criticism of Jordanian King

Amman : Jordan has strongly warned Iran who severely criticised Jordan’s ‘King Abdullah the Second’, now on tour to the US. Jordan has summoned the Iranian ambassador, demanding clarification from Iran for using inappropriate language against the Head of their nation.

Jordanian King Abdullah the second, had met the US President Donald Trump and the Secretary of Defense James Mattis four days back while on tour to the US. During this meeting, King Abdullah had discussed about the ongoing efforts by the Trump administration for Israel-Palestine peace talks, Syrian civil war, Russia’s role in this region, as well as the intervention of Iran in the conflicts of Iraq and Syria. Later, while speaking to ‘Washington Post’, the leading US daily, King Abdullah had criticised Iran.

King Abdullah had claimed that Iran was responsible for the problems in the Gulf. Iran is trying to create a geographical layout that it wants, within Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, alleged King Abdullah. Stating that the soldiers of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards are terrorists and that they have reached at a distance of merely 70 km away from Jordan’s border; King Abdullah warned in this interview that their operations near Jordan’s border will never be tolerated.

Iran‘s Foreign Ministry criticised the interview published in the US daily. The statements made by King Abdullah are irresponsible and foolish, commented Bahram Ghasemi, the spokesman of Iran’s Foreign Ministry. ‘The King of Jordan has made a mistake in defining terrorists. Also, King Abdullah should properly understand Gulf’s history, geographical conditions and viewpoints’, commented Iran’s Foreign Ministry.

Jordan, enraged over this, has summoned Iran’s Ambassador, ‘Mujtaba Fardousi Bour’ and warned Iran to provide explanation over this. Spokesman of Iran’s Foreign Ministry, Ghasemi, while commenting on this, has criticised that the efforts taken by Jordan for the peace and stability in Gulf and also against terrorism have been overlooked.

Iran has fierce differences with Jordan, a friendly country to Saudi Arabia. Jordan had earlier condemned Iran for providing weapons to the Houthi rebellions for the conflict in Yemen. Jordan is also opposing the support provided by Iran to the Assad regime in Syria.

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