Israeli Prime Minister meets with Russian President

Claim to have discussed the clash that was ‘warded off’ in Syria

According to reports published by ‘Channel 10’ the Israeli News channel, a confrontation between fighter planes of Israel and of Russia was just about prevented. Last week the Israeli fighter planes, flying over the Mediterranean Sea, hit the Syrian coast. A Russian fighter aircraft was scrambled to intercept the Israeli squadron before it crossed the Syrian borders. Some news agencies even claim that the Russian forces fired on the Israeli planes and yet Israeli news agencies state that the Israeli squadron withdrew without any counter attack.

The Israeli Military sources have avoided voicing any reaction to the reports of this incident published by the media. The Russian embassy in Israel too seems to have refrained from comment. However this issue was surely on the anvil during the discussions between the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Russian President Vladimir Putin, say the Israeli media. The Russian president in fact expressed surprise at the news and denied any knowledge of planes of the two countries even having met.netanyahu putin 11

Mr. Reuven Rivlin, the President of Israel too had tabled this issue during his visit to Russia a few months ago. Russia had at the time, asserted that it would co-ordinate with the Israeli aircrafts. But it is obvious that neither of the two countries is willing to comment on the claims made by the Israeli news agencies. Netanyahu, who reached Russia on Thursday, discussed stepping up co-operation in security matters with the Russian President, so report sources of both nations.

However, Netanyahu expressed that conflicts in Syria ought not to lead to conflicts between Russia and Israel. Also he stressed that an enhanced co-ordination between the Russian and the Israeli military would essentially eliminate unnecessary clashes and mishaps. The Russian President expressed satisfaction over the co-operation existing between the military forces of the two nations adding that on the background of the tension in the Gulf region, co-operation in security matters between Israel and Russia did assume importance. Putin also declared that in the next few days military officials of both countries would meet to discuss the issue. Moreover he also assured the Israeli Prime Minister that Israel would not have to bear the brunt of the conflict in Syria and that the Syrian weapons would not fall in the hands of the Hezbollah, the anti-Israel terrorist outfit.

Meanwhile, Netanhayu clarified Israel’s position on the ‘Golan Heights’, stating that Israel had total control and right over the Golan Heights and it was prepared to protect it. Israeli print media report that their Prime Minister has emphatically stated that there would be no compromise whatsoever over the control over the Golan Heights which will remain part of Israeli territory. The Russian President’s comment on this is as yet not known. Over the last few months however, the supporters of the Hezbollah and the Syrian Military too are reported to have struck the Golan Heights as part of their attacks on the IS terrorists. There have also been claims by Syria supporters that it is actually Syria and not Israel that has right over the region.

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