Turkey apologizes to Russia

Ready to pay reparations

Russian President Vladimir Putin - RussiaMoscow, 28 June 2016 (Agencies) – After restoring diplomatic ties with Israel, Turkey is now trying to address Russia’s displeasure. President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan apologised to the Russian President Vladimir Putin for the last year’s attack on Russian jet at the  Syria border. Russia is Turkey’s friend and strategic partner country, said President Erdogan who tried to smoothen the relations with Russia as it was before, Kremlin spokesman said so.

Two weeks before, Turkey’s President Erdogan sent a letter to Russian President Putin. The letter sent by Erdogan was  talking point in the media, when there was a tense situation between Russia & Turkey. On the occasion of Russia’s National Day, Turkey’s President sent this letter to wish President Putin, said the Russian Government.
On Monday Russian government’s speaker Dimitry Peskove released actual content of Erdogan’s letter. Erdogan expressed his apology for the last year attack by Turkey on Russian fighter plane. Erdogan further added in his letter saying, Turkey had no intentions to attack Russian ‘Sukhoi-24’ fighter plane. He also expressed his condolences towards dead pilot’s family who was killed in this attack.
‘Turkey took lot of risk to rescue the dead pilot’s body from the Syrian militants. The soldier was also given funeral complete in military way. We treated this soldier as that of Turkey’s own and did not doscriminate ‘ is what Erdogan said, told by Peskov.


With this letter Erdogan appealed to smooth relations with Russia as before, is what Peskov said. Russia is our strategic partner ally, with whom relations should not be deprave is our wish. For this ready to do whatever we can, Erdogan wrote in his letter. Turkey’s President also showed readiness by saying, ‘For this Turkey will be with Russia against fighting military challenges in the region’ is what Kremlin’s spokesman said.

There are different kind of reactions in Turkey’s media, regarding matter related to President Erdogan’s letter published by Russia. Turkey’s President wrote letter to Putin is what Turkey’s media is agreeing, but also have  view that the matter in this letter was different, as what published by Russia.
Last year on 24th  November, Russia’s fighter jet was conducting raid on militants in Syrian border when the Turkey’s jet downed it. Russian plane intruded their air space and they  attacked  it, is what Turkey was alleging. Erdogan had promised to provide evidence for the same.
“Turkey stabbed on our back by attacking our jet”, criticized Russian President Putin. Turkey should apologize for this, is what Russia demanded. Turkey rejected the Russian demand then and  on this angry Russia warned that Turkey would pay a heavy price.
After this, the relations between Russia who put all its forced behind Syrian President Assad and Turkey who was ready to topple Assad regime, went sour. Russia alleged that Turkey is giving all cooperation to ISIS in Syria, even published few photographs of this. Thus tension between Nato’s member country Turkey and Russia widened.
With this background, Turkey’s apology for the Russian jet attack seven months prior has caught everyone’s attention. Just few hours before Turkey also signed few agreements with Israel to smooth political relations with later as before. In 2010, Israel’s Navy attacked ship carrying humanitarian assistance for Palestinians in Gaza Strip. On this Turkey expressed its anger and broke all diplomatic relations with Israel. But after Turkey’s recent initiative, relations between two countries are getting  well as before. 
Turkey’s efforts for smoothing relationship with Russia just after doing the same with Israel are being noticed by international analysts. Few weeks before Turkey expressed its intentions to invade and carry out strikes in Syria. It is to be seen whether the Turkey’s relations with Israel and Russia in this context.

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